A Shot For Smith

To the Editor,

Mailbag Regarding Jeff Smith's "Far-Away Eyes" (Tucson Weekly, November 13): Insofar as the Prop 201 issue is concerned, Jeff has clearly forsaken the hot, true and crisp mezcal of Pima County for the wimpy white wine of Patagonia. Not only has this obviously softened his brain tissue, it has left him open for an invasion of hostile viruses, like the dreaded Tombeal syndrome. If he would be coming back for a visit, we recommend he steal a library card for Pima County, fight, hack and slash his way through the thicket of derelicts on the third floor of the Main Library and read Section 27 of the Tucson Code, Article VII, the Water Consumer Protection Act. It might just amaze him what that law says about stopping subsidence and replenishing all of the groundwater we use.

Then, go the ninth floor of City Hall and pick up a personal copy of the campaign reports listing the contributors to the pro-Prop 201 movement.

Then pick up some good, wormy mezcal, take it home, forego all the Patagoniesque diversions, eat the worm and read both screeds.

Then apologize to all the native Tucsonans who have been and are working to put in place some sensible water policies, apologize to Tom Beal for copying both his words and his whine, then swill down the rest of the mezcal, and never let that stinking white wine down there touch your lips again.

--Jerry Juliani

Pure Water Coalition

Ballot Busters!

To the Editor,

I listened to the local media, I read the Star, I pored over my ballot and even perked up my ears when a TV spot came on regarding the issues. But in all that, something was missing.

The Star objective? Hardly! I could find no in-depth information on a side of the issue they disagreed with, unless you count the letters to the editor. Other local media was just as bad. Finally my ballot came and I opened it for objective comments in opposition. Mostly what I got were: "No arguments against Proposition X were submitted to the City Clerk." How disappointing.

And in regard to the proposed amendments to the City Charter: I knew there was more "behind the scenes" (call me suspicious) with these changes than mets the eye.

Finally, I had a brainstorm and pulled up that "other paper" I had read a few times while visiting a local deli. Your paper finally gave me the other side of the picture (Tucson Weekly, October 30). Thanks for the down and dirty. It's too bad Tucson citizens have to search so hard for both sides of the story.

--David Thomas

So Sioux Us

To the Editor,

Regarding Jeff Smith's "Uh, Happy Halloween" (Tucson Weekly, November 6): Smith writes, "I thought it was pretty rich when I heard that Sioux Falls, Iowa, was getting pressured to change its name...etc."

I thought it was pretty rich to read this as Sioux Falls was in South Dakota when I used to live in that state and last I checked the map, it was still in South Dakota. Perhaps Mr. Smith meant Sioux City, Iowa.

Doesn't anyone check their facts before printing?

--Gordon McGirr

Captive Audience

To the Editor,

Your "hyperdynamic efforts" are shocking! I read the Tucson Weekly today, first time ever, and was amazed, shocked and flabbergasted! I had to look at the front page repeatedly to believe it was printed in Arizona! I am down here from a foreign territory called Yavapai County, where we don't tolerate such smut.

Such horrible garbage you print! Sexually explicit pictures, perverted sex ads, articles not complimentary to the establishment, and even insulting political incompetents! The nerve of you! Don't you know that is pornography? You should be prosecuted. Children have access to that rag! You should be ashamed of yourselves. To me that looks like public immorality, child abuse and low-life trash. God forbid.

Keep up the good work.

--John Polut

Tucson Prison

Tom Terrific?

To the Editor,

What did Tom Danehy do to deserve three articles in the October 2 edition? His regular column, great; a feature on a worthy local football program, fine. But a music feature on mediocre Phoenix rap act--what the hell is that? Danehy thinks he's down because he knows a little rap and listened to Parliament 15 years ago, but playing hoops with non-white folks and dissing all the cheesy oldies stations doesn't exactly make him the Mack-Daddy. Besides, how cool is it to "discover" NastyBoy Klick the same week The Arizona Daily Star does? Must have used the same press kit, eh, Tom?

What's next, Danehy Dines Delicious? Tom Talks Theatre?

Finally, Danehy must be beside himself that he has the finely honed comic talent to make fun of both ASU and lawyers in the same column. What a rapier-sharp wit! I'm attending law school myself; I must have missed the "Divesting Oneself of All Human Dignity" class. Reviewing a middling band because he got excited about getting a free CD hardly puts Danehy in a position to talk about professional dignity.

--Todd McKay


To The Editor,

I just found the Tucson Weekly's website after two years living away from my desert home. The weekly in Fayetteville, N.C., included a column, "For The Christian Family" and often ran pieces on wreath-making as their cover articles. I live in Orlando now, where things are a little bit better--but, oh God, I can't wait to come back west where the world is full of thinking people, purple mountains and weeklies with guts.

--Morgan Landrum

To the Editor,

Thanks for your amazing online version of the Tucson Weekly, perhaps the best alternative weekly online in the U.S. It's great to be able to follow events as a former resident who now lives in the Pacific Northwest.

--Mike Johnson

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