Cheap Thrills CLUBRHYTHM: Throw on your fast spats, slick back your bad 'do, and head on down to the twist-and-shout when Major Knucklehead Productions, KXCI and the Mat Bevel Institute fire up another Club Rhythm Dance Jam.

These whirling fests are all-age fanfares focusing on everything from world-beat and tribal to techno and various kinds of ethnic dance music from across the planet. And that includes good ol' American blues, soul, and rock and roll. And there ain't no smokin'.

Club Rhythm runs from 8 p.m. to midnight Saturday, December 5, in the Mat Bevel Institute, 530 N. Stone Ave. Admission is $5, with a $1 discount for club members. Call 721-1710 for information.

GIVING GRAVY TRAIN: Help fill doggy dishes and cat cups by giving to the annual Good Samaritan Pet Food Drive, sponsored by the Southern Arizona Veterinary Medical Association and Tucson Community Food Bank.

"It's important to remember that needy families who have pets desperately seek help from the Tucson community in providing their pets with an adequate food supply throughout the year," says SAVMA Executive Director Deborah Barnett. "The holiday season is a time for sharing with people and their pets, and donating pet food is an excellent way to assist low-income families."

Pet food can be dropped off at participating vet offices, the SAVMA office at 1604 N. Country Club Road, or the Community Food Bank, 3003 S. Country Club Road. Cash donations are also welcome, and will be earmarked for spay and neutering services. Call 325-0311 for details.

DIFFERENT STROKES: Four perspectives share space in a new show at Dinnerware Contemporary Art Gallery, featuring Gary Benna, Monique Mynlieff, Denise Kramer and Cindi Laukes.

Benna's ceramics integrating the vessel and architecture with figures appeared in Variation on the Vessel, a prestigious exhibition in Italy. Mynlieff's paintings explore color, texture and the imagery of familial ties. Inspiration from the work of Lewis Carroll has also translated into a series of pieces combining old family photographs with surrealist juxtapositions.

An evolution from formally composed large-format black-and-white photographs to multi-media images, and montages using antique photographic processes, mark the work of Kramer. And Laukes' latest project is a series of small, abstract paintings juxtaposing geometric structure with loose organic form, incorporating intensely colored, highly textured and densely layered images.

The exhibit runs through December 19 at Dinnerware, 135 E. Congress St. Hours are noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and noon to 7 p.m. Thursday. Call 792-4503 for details.

MEMORABLE MUGS: Major-league buffs will be drooling by the score at this weekend's sports card and memorabilia show. Cards on the block will come from the ranks of baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and the NASCAR circuit. There will also be a wide variety of the latest sports wax packs, and PSA graded cards.

The show runs from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, December 4 through 6, in El Con Mall. Admission is free. For details, call 760-0204. TW

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