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BERKY'S BAR. 5769 E. Speedway. 296-1981. Thursday/Sunday: Tony & the Torpedoes with Anna Warr. Friday: The Rowdies. Saturday: Goodfoot. Monday: Toe Jam. Tuesday: The Rowdies. Wednesday: Jupiter Dave.

BOOMERS. 4192 E. 22nd St. 571-1218. Saturday/Wednesday: Bloolyte.

BOONDOCKS LOUNGE. 3360 N. First Ave. 690-0991. Thursday: Honeyboy and the Stingers. Friday: The Deacon. Saturday: Bad News Blues Band. Wednesday: Tab Benoit, Lori Davidson and the Intruders. Sunday: The Fluffingtons with Stevie G. and Danny Kreger. Wednesday: Lori Davidson and the Intruders.

Club Listings BUGGY WHEEL BAR AND GRILL. 3156 E. Drexel Road. 573-0035. Friday/Saturday: The Cobras.

CHICAGO BAR. 5954 E. Speedway. 748-8169. Thursday: Neon Prophet. Friday: The Bad News Blues Band. Saturday: Pulse. Sunday: Vicki Tama and The Bad News Blues Band. Monday: Bloolyte with Sam Taylor. Tuesday: LAPD. Wednesday: Neon Prophet.

CLUB CONGRESS. 311 E. Congress St. 622-8848. Friday: 68 Comeback, Davie Allen and the Arrows, Al Perry. Saturday: Jonathan Richman. Monday: Al Foul and the Shakes.

DOUBLE ZERO. 121 E. Congress St. 670-9332. Thursday: El Diablo, Bubba Grubz. Friday: Yoko Love, Crawdaddy-O. Saturday: Splendor, 101, Warsaw, Funky Bonz. Sunday: G.R.A.S.S., Stuck in a Groove. Wednesday: Ear Food.

FAMOUS SAM'S. 2480 W. Ruthrauff Road. 292-0492. Thursday/Friday: Live Wire. Saturday: The Drift.

FAMOUS SAM'S. 7129 E. Golf Links Road. 296-1245. Friday/Saturday: Idle Mind.

FENDERSKIRTS. 140 S. Kolb Road. 722-1214. Friday: Chance Romance. Saturday: Billy Shears.

FROG & FIRKIN. 874 E. University Blvd. 623-7507. Friday: Matt Mitchell Trio. Saturday: One Blood. Wednesday: Frank Night with Paul Elia and 3rd of 5.

HIDEOUT SALOON. 1110 S. Sherwood Village Drive. 885-6443. Friday/Saturday: Call for information.

THE HUT. 305 N. Fourth Ave. 623-3200. Saturday: Call for information.

JAIME'S. 536 N. Fourth Ave. 624-0233. Thursday: Lori Davidson and The Intruders. Friday: Típica Adelante. Saturday: Chuck Barker's Heartbreak Blues Band.

JOE & VICKI'S PLACE. 3700 N. Oracle Road. 888-1900. Friday: West River Band.

THE KEYS. 5900 N. Oracle Road. 888-8084. Wednesday: King Swing Orchestra, featuring The Kings of Pleasure.

KINGFISHER. 2564 E. Grant Road. 323-7739. Monday: George Howard.

LAST CHANCE SALOON. 4477 E. Benson Highway. 663-1000. Friday: Tommy Tucker. Saturday: Honeyboy and the Stingers. Sunday: Lori Davidson and the Intruders.

MARGARITA BAY. 7415 E. 22nd St. 290-8977. Friday: Lori Davidson and the Intruders. Saturday: The Rowdies. Wednesday: Neon Prophet.

MUTT'S. 424 N. Fourth Ave. 628-8664. Saturday: Major Lingo.

NEW WEST/GOTHAM. 4385 W. Ina Road. 744-7744. Wednesday: Sticky Fingers, Rocks.

NIMBUS BREWERY. 3850 E. 44th St. 745-9175. Thursday: Linda Lou and the Drifters. Friday: Call for information. Saturday: Lori Davidson and the Intruders. Wednesday: John Grant, Erix Guitar.

O'MALLEY'S. 247 N. Fourth Ave. 623-8600. Thursday: Phig Newton. Friday: Call for information. Saturday: Leanne Savage.

PINK E'S. 8640 E. Broadway. 296-2646. Friday/Saturday: Call for information.

PLAZA PUB. 20 E. Pennington St. 882-0400. Thursday: Open mic. Friday: Call for information. Saturday: George Howard. Wednesday: Phig Newton.

PORKY'S. 6221 E. 22nd St. Friday/Saturday: Call for information.

PUSCH RIDGE BREWING COMPANY. 5861 N. Oracle Road. 888-7547. Saturday: Bob Maguire and the Smoking Guns. Sunday: Bobby Myher.

RHINO PUB. 1112 E. Sixth St. 903-9039. Friday-Sunday: Call for information.

THE RIALTO THEATRE. 318 E. Congress St. 740-0126. Friday: Phunk Junkeez, Fred Green, Know Question, Orgasm Donors, Size 5.

THE ROCK. 136 N. Park Ave. 629-9211. Saturday: Mean Babies, Senate, Tongue Dried Sun.

ROCK-IT BAR & GRILL. 5001 E. 29th St. 747-7047. Friday/Saturday: Call for information.

ROUTE 66. 3146 E. Grant Road. 318-4767. Thursday: Square Foot. Friday: Downstream Ritual. Saturday: Creosote, with guest. Tuesday: Outlaw.

SALTY DAWG II. 6121 E. Broadway. 790-3294. Saturday: Call for information.

7 BLACK CATS. 260 E. Congress St. 670-9202. Thursday: Ozlo B. and Matt Mitchell. Friday: Amor Belhôm Duo. Saturday: The Hammertoes, Funky Bonz. Tuesday: open mic. Wednesday: Stephaudrey, The In Patients, Everyone's All Americans, Love Mound.

THE SHELTER. 4155 E. Grant Road. 326-1345. Tuesday: Call for information.

SPEAKEASY. 1120 S. Wilmot Road. 519-0355. Thursday: Bad News Blues Band. Friday/Saturday: High Rise. Wednesday: Amy Katchur and BluesKatchur.

SPORTSMEN'S LOUNGE. 5150 N. La Cholla Blvd. 887-8936. Friday/Saturday: The Tall Paul Band.

THIRD STONE. 500 N. Fourth Ave. 628-8844. Thursday: Cool Mix Productions. Friday: The Naked Chollas, Stone Bogart. Saturday: Wise Monkey Orchestra. Sunday: Plus, The Mean Babies. Monday: G.R.A.S.S., Rob and the Rockits. Tuesday: End Transmission, Warp 3. Wednesday: Call for information.

THIRSTY'S. 2422 N. Pantano Road. 885-6585. Saturday: The Deacons.

WEE WENT WONGS. 4844 E. 22nd St. 748-7570. Thursday-Saturday: Alma y Corazón.

WILDCAT HOUSE. 1801 N. Stone Ave. 622-1302. Monday: Soy Boy and Amanda Star.

WOODEN NICKEL. 1908 S. Country Club Road. 323-8830. Friday/Saturday: Idle Hand. Wednesday: Square Wave.

YANKEE DOODLE PIZZA PALACE. 1929 E. Grant Road. 325-1771. Saturday: Call for information.


ARIZONA INN. 2200 E. Elm St. 325-1541. Tuesday-Thursday in the Audubon Lounge: Bob Linesch. Friday-Monday: Dennis Reed.

BOJANGLES SALOON. 5244 S. Nogales Highway. 889-6161. Thursday-Sunday: Xpression.

THE BUM STEER. 1910 N. Stone Ave. 884-7377. Thursday: Izabella.

CAFÉ SWEETWATER. 340 E. Sixth St. 622-6464. Thursday: Katy & Company. Friday: LRQ Quartet. Saturday: Bobby Myhre and the First Church of Frank and Ella.

THE CASBAH TEA HOUSE. 628 N. Fourth Ave. 740-0393. Thursday: David Muniz. Friday: Belly Dance Show. Saturday: Spirit Union Revival. Tuesday: Destiny. Wednesday: Rey Tester.

COFFEE PLANTATION. 845 E. University Blvd. 755-1553. Friday: Scott Jeffers. Saturday: Little Rooms.

THE COCOON CANTINA AND GRILL. 1501 N. Houghton Road. 749-1099. Friday: Bobby Myhre.

COTTONWOOD CLUB. 60 N. Alvernon Way. 326-6000. Thursday: Ed Friedland's New Jazz School. Friday: Margo Reed and the Armand Boatman Trio. Saturday: Paul Elia and 3rd of 5. Sunday: John Einweck Quartet. Monday: Dan Knight. Tuesday: Peaches and the Soul Jazz Session. Wednesday: Kate Scott/Tony Heath Quintet.

CUPPUCCINOS. 3400 E. Speedway. 323-7205. Wednesday: Mardi Garcia.

CUSHING STREET BAR AND GRILL. 343 S. Meyer Ave. 622-7984. Friday/Saturday: Sapphire Kieft. Wednesday: Bob Einweck.

DANNY'S BABOQUIVARI. 2910 E. Fort Lowell Road. 795-3178. Sunday: Rich Sullivan Quartet.

EL MARIACHI RESTAURANT. 106 W. Drachman St. 791-7793. Wednesday-Sunday: Mariachi America.

EL PARADOR. 2744 E. Broadway. 881-2808. Friday: Descarga. Saturday: Son Mayor.

HEART-FIVE. 61 E. Congress St. 903-0911. Friday: The Mike Eckroth Trio.

HIDEOUT. 3000 S. Mission Road. 791-0515. Friday/Saturday: Call for information.

LA FUENTE. 1749 N. Miracle Mile. 623-8659. Thursday-Sunday: El Mariachi de la Fuente. Monday: The Latin Trio.

SAN FRANCISCO BAR AND GRILL. 3922 N. Oracle Road. 292-2233. Friday: Blues Katcher. Saturday: Landis Swing Band.

STARBUCKS. 4811 E. Grant Road. 325-8669. Saturday: Call for information.

THUNDER CANYON BREWERY. Foothills Mall. 797-2652. Wednesday: Scotland's Yard, new talent showcase.

WESTWARD LOOK RESORT. 245 E. Ina Road. 297-1151. Thursday-Saturday: Johnny and the Night Train.

YE OLDE LANTERN. 1800 N. Oracle Road. 622-6761. Friday/Saturday: Marilyn Archer.


BUSHWACKER DANCEHALL AND SALOON. 4635 N. Flowing Wells Road. 887-9027. Friday/Saturday: Crossroads. Sunday-Wednesday: Cat's Meow with John Paul, karaoke.

CHANTILLY'S. 2740 S. Kinney Road. 883-6461. Friday/Saturday: Jack Bishop and the Wild Ride Band.

DURANGO SALOON & DANCE HALL. 1302 W. Roger Road. 888-1331. Thursday-Sunday: Vince Moreno and Sundown. Wednesday: Deacon & The Boys.

EDDIE'S COCKTAILS. 8510 E. Broadway. 290-8750. Wednesday-Sunday: R.D. Skinner Band.

LARIAT STEAKHOUSE & SALOON. 16666 N. Oracle Road. 825-9907. Friday/Saturday: Branded.

LI'L ABNER'S STEAKHOUSE. 8501 N. Silverbell Road. 744-2800. Friday/Saturday: Dean Armstrong and the Arizona Dancehands. Sunday: Titan Valley Warheads.

PEPPERS CANTINA. 950 S. Wilmot Road. 745-0100. Thursday-Saturday: Raven. Wednesday: Wild Ride.

THE MAVERICK, KING OF CLUBS. 4702 E. 22nd St. 748-0456. Thursday-Saturday: J.D. Norris and Overdrive.

ROADRUNNER LOUNGE. 5975 Western Way Circle. 578-0341. Friday/Saturday: Call for information.

SHERATON EL CONQUISTADOR. 10000 N. Oracle Road. 544-5000. Friday/Saturday: Glenn Kramer.


LAFFS COMEDY CAFFé. 2900 E. Broadway. 323-8669. Thursday-Sunday: Brian Bradley.

If you would like your band, club or solo act to be listed, send all pertinent times, dates, prices and places to: Club Listings, Tucson Weekly, P.O. Box 2429, Tucson, AZ 85702. Fax listings to (520) 792-2096, or email us at Deadline to receive listings information is Friday, seven days before the Thursday publication date.

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