Minimum Wage: Your Call

Coin Toss on Prop 202

SHOULD VOTERS PASS Prop 202, establishing a $7-an-hour minimum wage in Tucson, the courts will no doubt dump it, since the Arizona Legislature recently passed a law preventing cities from passing minimum wages higher than the federal level.

That's just as well--this kind economic illiteracy wrapped in feel-good language shouldn't be enacted. The supporters of the measure, the People's Congress for Social and Economic Justice, apparently believe all employers are raking in the dough and everybody has the same profit margin as big fast-food corporations, which is silly. A $7-an-hour minimum wage would drive many small businesses under and probably cause plenty of job losses among people currently making more than the current $5.15.

Currents And we're disgusted by the arrogance of the proponents, who argue these are marginal businesses whose crash won't make a difference.

But while we can't support the minimum-wage initiative, the stupidity and arrogance of the members of the business community opposing the measure cause us to draw up short of urging a no vote. The dumb bastards have announced they've raised more than $60,000 to blast the proposition on TV, which will only annoy voters and give people who see the law as a way to improve their status a reminder to vote. And it raises a simple question--if you can afford all that TV, why can't you afford to pay your employees better?

Since this measure is doomed in the courts, your vote will only send a message. So decide which group of arrogant ignoramuses you want to offend with it. Your choice on Prop 202. TW

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