Flush With Cash

The Growth Lobby Dumps Big Bucks Into The Move To Make Us Drink CAP Water

SUPPORTERS OF PROP 201 have raised nearly $200,000 in the effort to overturn the Water Consumer Protection Act, passed by 57 percent of the voters in 1995.

There are two committees backing Prop 201: The Safe and Sensible Water Committee, formed by pool builder Chuck Freitas, who spearheaded the effort to put the initiative on the ballot; and The Responsible Water Coalition, formed by Steve Weatherspoon, a local attorney who serves on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District.

The two groups have raised more than $200,000 to push Prop 201, which would repeal the Water Consumer Protection Act and thus reintroduce CAP water into local homes. This partial list of contributors to the two committees is, in essence, an X-ray of Tucson's powerful Growth Lobby, whose members stand to profit handsomely through continued unrestrained growth--if only local citizens will agree to drink that dirty ditch water:

Safe and Sensible Water Committee

Fairfield Green Valley: $20,000

Diamond Ventures: $10,000

Broadway Realty and Trust, Inc.: $15,000

Estes Homebuilding Co.: $5,000

Borderland Construction Co.: $5,000

Metro Pima Alliance: $3,500

4-D Properties: $3,000

Sundt Corp.: $1,000

Jim Click Nissan: $2,500

Jim Click Ford: $2,500

Patio Pools and Spas: $1,000

Arizona Builders Alliance: $150

The Responsible Water Policy Coalition

Estes Homebuilding Co.: $3,000

Asarco Incorporated: $5,000

Tucson Electric Company: $10,000

Diamond Ventures: $2,500

Sundt Corp.: $4,000

Schomac Group, Inc.: $2,500

Metro Pima Alliance: $7,000

U.S. Homes: $2,000

Phelps Dodge Corporation: $2,500

Ventana Mountain Estates: $2,000

New World Homes: $2,000

Various Jim Click car dealerships: $7,479

Central Arizona Project Association: $7,500

California Portland Cement Company: $4,000

Johnson-Manley Lumber: $2,000

O'Rielly Motor Company: $900

Broadmont Real Estate Associates: $1,500

National Bank of Tucson: $1,000

Ashland Group: $2,000

ASR Investments Corporation: $3,000

Rick Engineering Company: $2,000

SWVP Corporation: $1,000

The Ashton Company: $1,000

Citadel Land Corporation: $500

Tucson Realty and Trust: $1,000

CTI: $4,000

KE&G Companies: $1,000

PICOR: $1,000

Southwest Gas: $5,000

Tucson 30, Inc.: $2,500

Rita Land Corporation: $2,500

Overland Vistoso Ltd: $2,500

Bank One: $4,000

Lewis and Roca, LLP: $1,000

HealthPartners of Southern Arizona: $2,500


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