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Your Clip-'n'-Vote Ballot Guide!

By Tucson Weekly

GOT QUESTIONS ABOUT your candidates for the Arizona Legislature? Well, we didn't have room in our election edition to cover those races, but we can point you to a resource that can answer just about any question you have: Project Vote Smart.

Currents Launched in 1992 to track federal elected officials, Vote Smart offers a national clearinghouse of information about both federal and state candidates and incumbents, all available for voters who are weighing their choices on Election Day. This year, they've expanded their coverage to include candidates for the state Legislature as well.

Staffed mainly by an incredible crew of college interns, the organization has an extraordinary wealth of facts and figures at their fingertips. If you've got a question about national or state politics, you can get an answer by calling 1-888-VOTE-SMART (1-888-868-3762).

Or, if you're adept with that Internet thing, visit Project Vote Smart's web page at Recently named Best Political Database on the Web by the American Political Science Association, the site has everything from campaign finance reports to voting records. TW

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