Ballot Box Basics

To the Editor,

Regarding "Un-Endorsements" (Tucson Weekly, September 11): I work and go to college full-time but I, like many others, make the time to read this paper every week. I feel compelled to write to you after becoming plain disgusted with the actions of Councilman Michael Crawford and Carol Zimmerman.

Mailbag Very few things irritate me, but free-loading, inconsiderate, selfish people do. I would like to suggest a possible continuation of such articles titled, "What you can do about it." If people read the articles all the way through, then obviously they are concerned about or interested in it. Personally I was never taught in school about politics or voting. I only vote on something when I read about it in The Weekly, because only then do I understand the issues. Thank you all for putting out such a wonderful, informative paper.

--Jennifer Garrie

Hands Off

To the Editor,

Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge?

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines "refuge": 1. Shelter or protection from danger, distress, etc. 2. An asylum, or place where one is safe or protected; a shelter, a sanctuary; retreat.

I just read Kevin Franklin's "Under Siege" (Tucson Weekly, September 11) about the Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge. I quote: "The draft management plan contains contingencies for opening refuge roads to ATVs and dune buggies, permitting general hunting, relinquishing the ban on campfires, enacting predator control, permitting horses, pets and firearms, creating a scenic overlook...."

Either the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is lying or Webster's is lying. Which is it?

The playing field does not get "leveled," as Brian Dolan with the Bighorn Hunting Society says, when little men with big guns and big money have their way on these so-called wildlife refuges.

Leave one of the last beautiful places free of human destruction alone.

--Mary Schanz


To the Editor,

So the Tucson Toros, looking forward to their new affiliation with the Diamondbacks, are going to sport a "new look" and maybe even a new ballpark next season. Tucson might even have three major-league teams here for spring training! This is where we're supposed to get excited, right? Not me, not at all.

New majority owner Martin Stone's intention to market to a more "upscale" fan base at the new Tucson Corporate Name Recognition Ball Facility on Ajo Way is a screeching echo of what he did in Phoenix, moving the Firebirds to Scottsdale and making it (at best) a marginally worthwhile chore for working-class Phoenicians to take their families to games, where tickets and parking cost more than ever before. In fact, at the one Firebirds game I attended this season, families were few and far between, unlike at Toros' games at midtown's Hi Corbett Field, where young baseball fans abound.

Tucson's minor-league idyll, which has allowed baseball here to remain largely free of major-league gluttony and corporate greed for several decades, is already showing signs of weakening even at Hi Corbett, with this year's new, unjustifiable $2 parking fee and pointless renovations undertaken to appease the Colorado Rockies, who spend a mere two months a year here.

Rest assured, it can and will only get worse at the new park, where the new "upscale" appeal will insultingly exclude the park's working-class neighbors and limit the access of these fans to baseball (a traditionally working-class sport) in Tucson, just as it did in Snottsdale.

--Keith Johnson

The End Is Near

To the Editor,

Ew, boy! James Ru done got his panties in a knot! (Letters, Tucson Weekly, May 29). Hope he doesn't hit you with his purse!

All that aside, I want to put in my two-cents worth.

I am Elijah, the prophet of God. I have been saved and rested for these last days of the earth.

I have been sent to America because this country is Babylon (see Revelations).

I have been sent to Tucson because you are demented and decadent people.

You are all sorely oppressed and possessed by demons. You follow their commands and you dance to their tunes.

Homosexuals are demon-possessed, pure and simple. Most were molested by homosexuals as children, and demons are passed through the act of molestation and sex.

The Lord never destroyed a city because it was full of liars, or thieves, or murderers. But He did destroy four cities, including Sodom and Gomorrah because of the homosexuals there. Only Zoar escaped.

Man can travel anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. Knowledge has greatly increased. Jesus is returning in less than five years, and you people are not ready, not even close. Most of you will be left behind and will go through that tribulation that comes upon the earth.

I have been sent back to the earth, along with my brother, Enoch, to torment those who dwell upon the earth, with my words, which are His words.

These words will cause that demon that possesses James Ru to gnash his teeth and to throw a fit. Hide and watch.

I walk among the homeless for whom I have been sent back. God has heard the murmuring of the people against them. Oh, be careful, little mouth, what you say!

Beware, oh Tucson! For they are His children, and the remnant of His seed!

This letter is only the beginning. I have written a book called, The Book of the Testimony of the Last Days, which is a book of prophecy. There are also many strong messages from Jesus Christ, to homosexuals, to Moslems, Catholics, the Mafia and to Hollywood, just to name a few.

Jeff Smith has a copy. There is no copyright, because there is not a publisher around with enough intestinal fortitude to publish it. I am, after all, in the land of the Sodomites.

It will certainly torment those who dwell upon earth, when they read it.

Am I afraid? If God is with me, who can be against me?

I would also recommend that those who would come against me be sure that they have made out their will, and paid up their life insurance. I still remember how to call fire down from heaven. (Trust me on this!)

--Olen O'neil

Editor's note: Hey, great! We're sending you a list of people who deserve the fire of His wrath. Be sure He bills us promptly for this wonderful new service! Thanks!

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