September 14 - September 20, 1995

AS THE WHOLE town knows, Pima County Supervisor Ed Moore has written several nastygrams about the City of Tucson to computer giant Bill Gates asking him to become involved in the fight over CAP water and the upcoming city initiative on the subject. As has become his habit, Mr. Fiscal Responsibility printed his gigantic belch at taxpayer expense in both local dailies--the same dailies he regularly attacks as liars who distort his image. The move could have caused some legal problems, because he obviously used taxpayer money to influence a city election--the resulting outrage pushed Moore to pay for the ads himself.

Ed's real reason for running the ads was to pander to what he perceives to be his District 3 constituency. Moore's district is almost entirely outside Tucson's city limits. County voters aren't real happy with the City of Tucson's water program (who is?) even though many county residents are part of it. Likewise, many District 3 voters aren't real big on the City of Tucson at all.

Moore is using the water issue in an attempt to re-focus his next campaign for county supervisor away from his miserable and hypocritical record and onto the often equally miserable record of the city on water matters.

It's an old ploy. When tin-pot dictators like Mussolini and others found their domestic policies dramatically failing, they always started a foreign war to divert citizen attention.

Moore's single biggest motivation is the one held by almost all politicians--getting re-elected. That he's trying to satisfy that urge by such bizarre methodology as he's displayed in the Gates letters doesn't surprise us--underneath that crafty pol exterior, after all, the guy is a wacko.
--By Emil Franzi

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September 14 - September 20, 1995

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