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HOT-BLOODED: Downtown rolls out the celebratory carpet Saturday night with performers, galleries and craft vendors, anchored by Festival Latino Americano at the Ronstadt Transit Center from 7 to 10 p.m.

Festival is a cacophony of song, dance and music originating from foreign climes, including Caribe-Latino, performing salsa and merengue dances; Nicaraguan steps by Cuadro Nica, and a brigade of dancers representing Peru, Chile, Argentina and Panama.

Closer to home, Tucson's Sueños Tangos will glide through their routines at 7 p.m., with live accompaniment on Pennington Street between Scott and Sixth avenues. Events schedules will be available from the information booth at Sixth Avenue and Congress Street. Call the Arts District at 624-9977 for information.

UPDRAFT: The Sirocco Wind Quintet will perform an evening of contemporary standards, popular ballads and show tunes at Udall Park from 6:15 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 7.

Members of the quintet include Frances Moskovitz, flute; Sandra Weber, clarinet; Barbara Chinworth, horn; Edward Hoornaert, oboe; and William Chinworth, bassoon.

Part of the Arizona Symphonic Winds ongoing concert series, this presentation is free, and folks are encouraged to bring their own furniture, snacks and refreshments.

Udall Park is located at Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde roads. For information, call 325-1420.

ENDNOTE: George Arntz knows that his piece, Batman's Thirty-First Indignity; Lycanthropic Summit at El Tierradito raises a few queries.

"I'm sure many questions occur when you see this painting," says Arntz, who is to mainstream culture what Dennis Rodman is to traditional hoop couture.

"Why are the werewolves pastel?" Arntz asks. "Why doesn't Batman look like Batman? Why can't I get a date with her? RELAX! That's just the way it is--'IT' mutates through phenomenon and symbolism like a runaway virus on a crime spree."

There you have it.

For her part, Victoria Looper-Horne paints, draws and creates mixed media sculptures in response to what she calls the "less-than-pleasant realities of life," such chilling fuzzies as lost children, dismembered women and men blown to bits in a million silly global conflicts.

"It is my hope that some of these works give a voice to our silenced community, we social lepers, all who survive our desensitized post-war heritage," she says.

These and other light thoughts will permeate a closing reception from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday for Arntz and Looper-Horne's joint exhibit at the UA Museum of Art, south end of the pedestrian underpass on Speedway east of Park Avenue.

Both artists will be on hand to discuss their work, and at 3:30 p.m. Arntz will be joined by his colleagues, the "Not Since the Accident" players, for a bit of performance art. Call 621-7567 for information. TW

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