Statehouse Stakeout

Republicans In GOP Statehouse Districts 9 And 12 Have These Primary Choices.

By Jim Nintzel

IF YOU'RE NOT a Republican living in District 9 or District 12, you don't have any statehouse primaries to worry about--which means you can feel free to skip over the exhaustive list of questions we compiled for the six candidates seeking the four House seats up for grabs in the September 8 primary. Lucky you.

Of course, if you're a dedicated member of the GOP, and very few people are these days, here's your last chance to compare the candidates' policy positions on a variety of topics.

District 9

INCUMBENT REPS. Lou-Ann Preble and Bill McGibbon face a primary challenge from Jonathan Paton.

The 55-year old McGibbon is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. He didn't return repeated phone calls from the Tucson Weekly and ignored our candidate survey.

A registered nurse, the 68-year-old Preble has served in the Legislature since 1992. In her six years at the Capitol, she's concentrated on health and children's issues. Preble has been endorsed by The Arizona Daily Star.

The challenger, 27-year-old Paton, teaches German at the University of Arizona. He worked at the Legislature during the 1995 session as an intern for Sen. Stan Barnes and followed that with a summer stint in Gov. J. Fife Symington III's Excellence in Government Office. Paton has been endorsed by The Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Citizen.

District 12

WITH REP. FREDDY Hershberger stepping down from one of District 12's two House seat, remaining incumbent Dan Schottel is facing two opponents in his bid to retain his office.

Schottel, a 68-year-old former tavern owner, has served in the Legislature since 1992. He's been endorsed by The Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Citizen.

John C. Scott Ulm cheerfully describes himself as a "walking hit-sheet." Before he gave up drinking in the late 1980s, Scott says he did many things he now regrets.

But there's one addiction the 55-year-old Ulm can't give up: politics. More than a decade ago, he began a career as a radio talk-show host. Two years ago, he struck out on his own, buying air time at KTKT radio and taking his show on the road.

In addition to his broadcasting career, Ulm was elected to the Legislature as a Democrat in 1972 and served one term.

Ulm has been endorsed by the Tucson Citizen, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Jon Kyl.

Compared to Ulm, real-estate agent Steve Huffman is a real boy scout--an Eagle Scout, in fact, who is still involved in the program as an assistant scoutmaster.

The 29-year-old Huffman says he got involved in politics while in college at the UA. He's worked on several campaigns for Rep. Jim Kolbe and and other local Republicans.

Huffman first sought the District 12 seat two years ago, but lost to incumbents Schottel and Hershberger. He's been endorsed by The Arizona Daily Star. TW

Full disclosure: Jim Nintzel has been paid a stipend for his work on Emil Franzi's radio show, which is a product of the John C. Scott Show Inc.

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