August 10 - August 16, 1995

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Right On Time!
Bullseye Blues
3 Stars
IT ISN'T FAIR, but the first thing I thought of when hearing Buster break out his deep soul was Tucson's own Sam Taylor. Edward "Little Buster" Forehand is a good, gravely singer--but our Sam is better. Ed can play some nice little licks on his guitar, but Taylor can kick his butt.

This is good, old-fashioned soul and blues. It's solid as a brick, but Sam could build a house of rhythm and blues with a record deal like Buster has. Unfortunately, it took Forehand three decades before getting a chance to release this, his debut album. Sam has already waited longer to get a chance with someone like Bullseye/Rounder--let's hope he isn't neglected much longer.
--Michael Metzger


My Wild Life
Zero Hour
3 Stars
FANS OF LET'S Active have two reasons to cheer: Angie Carlson's back with a new powerpop trio, and she'll show off her musical smarts at Club Congress on Friday, August, 11.

Vocally, Carlson's got those classic New Wave Gal moves down, combining Deb Harry's slinky ennui with Holly Beth Vincent's heavy-petting optimism. But with the rhythm section playing muscle car engine, she stomps out postpunk Big Rawk riffage that roars as loudly and lustily as Bob Mould's ax strangulations with Sugar. Pick to click: the raucous, careening, singalong-the-chorus "Superhero."
--Fred Mills


Columbia Records
4 Stars
"KNOWING THE HISTORY of Dokken...I think the title pretty much sums up what we're all about," says vocalist Don Dokken without a hint of ironing. Or is that big word irony? Anyway, this shreds, dudes, and guitarist George Lynch's fingers are moving real fast! "Weedly, weedly, weedly," I can hardly air-guitar that fast! There are lots of songs on this CD, too--it goes all the way to 11! The first single from this reunion, "Too High To Fly," is about taking drugs and dying. It's totally rad (i.e., bitchin') and original! I pity the fools who don't head-bang to this sensitive work of art!
--B.A. Barracus

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August 10 - August 16, 1995

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