More Warm And Fuzzy Pets

To the Editor,

Regarding your aperture feature "Funky, pre lap-dance strip dive on Stone" (June 25): It is truly a shame that the only "newspaper" in southern Arizona which purports to be liberal, and makes an attempt to provide Tucsonans with political truth, has degenerated to the level of a sex tabloid.

Mailbag I've been reading The Weekly for about 13 years now, and it's only in the last five or so that you have begun to allow yourselves to sink. Of course, it can be argued that you are just reflecting society in general.

I started with Jeff Smith and his apparent inability to write a column without using a full quota of curse words. To me (and probably to many others) this indicates not "hipness" but rather ignorance and the need for a good thesaurus. The Skinny column, notably anonymous, has become unnecessarily vicious and crude, as have editorial responses to letters. (Please don't "hit" me too hard...)

Now you have "true" confessions, also conveniently anonymous. This truly useless fluff belongs in the back near the sex ads and columns. We can only assume that this is some kind of marketing ploy--maybe with the goal of adding some "real thinkers" to your readership? And you don't really expect us to believe "regular" readers are writing in? More likely, staff members are getting their kicks trying to outdo each others' lurid imaginations.

The final straw for me was opening an issue and finding, facing me, a photograph of a stripper with two pathetic men drooling at her feet. There are already plenty of magazines that feature naked women; however, I seriously doubt that anyone really cares to see pitiful guys gawking at a stripper.

What happened to the interestingly artistic and/or warm and fuzzy pets/kids/scenery shots that space had seemed perfect for showcasing? Do you really need circulation so badly?

It is disappointing that there have not yet been any other letters published regarding these issues. It's inconceivable that I'm the only one who detests your pandering. For once, I'm in a position to put my money where my heart is--my company will not be advertising in The Weekly anymore, at least until you climb out of the gutter and realize that you can have a trendy, informational publication without descending to the lowest common denominator.

I do wish to thank you for your support of CAWS, and the excellent articles attacking CAP water and the faction trying to promote it. Keep up the good work!

--Sandra Almasy

To the Editor.

Regarding your aperture "Naked" (July 9): I was shocked to see you have chosen to use what I would consider pornography. How can you, in good conscience, place a frontal nudity photograph in your magazine? I am sure you are thinking that I am a prude; it used to be called having "morals." The saying "There is a time and place for everything" obviously wasn't on the mind of your editor. This will be the last time I read your magazine. I will encourage others to do the same.

--Rita S. Klein

Get Over The Rainbow

To the Editor,

Regarding Joel Michael Barr's childish ranting in the Mailbag section ("Freak Power," July 2): It is fine if you are tired of panhandling in this town. What is uncalled for is your complete stereotyping of an entire group based on half-assed assumptions and ignorant observations. Not every "hippie" is a rainbow; not every rainbow is a "hippie." What's wrong, Mr. Barr? Do you feel threatened by conscious beings who have the almost-extinct skill of knowing and nurturing the awesome Earth God has given us?

As far as your statement that the land in this country belongs to the government, you're correct. However, without "tree-huggers" to put forth the efforts of caring for it, the land would all be sold off and clear-cut at an even faster rate than it already is. As much of a narrow-minded robot as you come off, I will assume that you have enough sense to realize that you, and your evil, murdering, greedy government need air to breathe as much as the "little Moses clones" do. Only difference is, we are intelligent and responsible enough to care.

I truly have to take pity on someone who thinks that going to the forest is an escape for those who feel "life sucks." Are you so indoctrinated by the ways of modern society that you feel being in nature comes in second to being in a city? If so, then you are obviously more out of touch then I thought, if that is possible. Besides, why is a conservative-in-denial such as yourself reading The Weekly in the first place? You'd think someone like yourself would find more pleasure in perusing the pages of a more mainstream publication which is owned and therefore controlled by your elitist buddies who are in power.

By the way, what is your plan for when this whole beloved system comes crashing down around you? Well, I suppose that is a silly question to ask a man (?) who lives his life with his eyes sealed tightly shut, and his mouth wide open and ready to judge others. (Maybe you should take a long, hard look in the mirror sometime soon, and come to realize that you will soon be judged by one much greater than you or I.) In any case, I would love to be around when you and your cohorts come soliciting help from those who were sharp enough to hone their survival skills before it was too late. Let me know how your government friends are treating you then.

I can envision you in my mind--I would bet my lice and cup of change that you would not dare speak your inane viewpoints in the face of your targets. I'll bet that as you pass these people on the street, you avert your eyes in utter fear. I will also bet that you are not in touch with who you really are, or that you have some deep-seated anger/hatred toward yourself. In all seriousness, and with no intended malice, I strongly suggest therapy, and laying off the McDonald's. My prayers are with you.

--Jessi Smith

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