Filler Ballot Box Basics

By Jim Nintzel

A Look At The Upcoming County Election

IN LESS THAN two months, on September 10, Pima County voters will go to the polls for the primary election. Over the next eight weeks, politicos will be pounding on doors, filling mailboxes and talking on the radio, trying to capture the hearts and minds of county residents.

The Main Event, of course, is the race for Ed Moore's District 3 seat. Moore is so fearful that he'll lose his office this time out that he's registered to run as an independent. His new status allows him to sidestep a challenge by real estate agent Vicki Cox-Golder and accountant Ann Holden in the Republican primary, and ensures his spot on the November ballot, promising a three-way race between Moore, Democrat Sharon Bronson and the eventual winner of the GOP primary.

Meanwhile, the other two GOP supervisors, District 1's Mike Boyd and District 4's Paul Marsh, both face strong competition in the GOP primary. District 5 Supervisor Raul Grijalva has a challenge in the Democratic primary, Susan Chambers Casteloes. Keep in mind, as you look over our reports on the races, that the campaign finance figures show activity through May 31.

This week, we've concentrated on the contests for Board of Supervisors, but there are other races in the county. Pima County Attorney Steve Neely's retirement has opened up a battle in the Democratic Party, with longtime county prosecutor Barbara LaWall running against attorney Richard Gonzales in the Democratic primary. The winner will face Republican David White, who is also a county prosecutor.

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has a challenge in the Democratic primary from Thad Curtis, a retired Pima County Sheriff's Department lieutenant. The winner of the Demo primary--most likely Dupnik--will face Republican Ron Ochs, who is also a veteran of the sheriff's office.

The last day to register to vote in the primary is August 12.

A few notes about the November 5 general election:

• District 2 Supervisor Dan Eckstrom faces only token opposition from Republican Ray Clark. The district has more than twice as many Democrats than Republicans and Eckstrom is an incumbent who has collected nearly $70,000, while Clark reported less than $250 at the end of May.

• Pima County Republican Party Chair Rex Waite will take another run at the county assessor post, challenging incumbent Rick Lyons, a Democrat who won the office two years ago as a result of the Alan Lang recall. Waite, who was appointed to the assessor's seat by the Board of Supervisors in 1992 only to be defeated by Lang later that year, enters the race for the third time. This could be the charm, however--Pima County homeowners were outraged by increased valuations last year and they could take their wrath out on Lyons.

• County Treasurer James Kirk will face Democrat Michael Stafford.

• Two county officers are walking to re-election. County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez (D) and County School Superintendent Anita Lohr (R) have no challengers on the ballot. TW

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