June 29 - July 5, 1995


Another Victim

To the Editor:
Reading Greg Yocum's "Smuggler's Blues" (Tucson Weekly, June 15) article and seeing his face on the cover made me sick to my stomach.

Yocum conveniently forgot to mention that his lawyer, my step-father, Joseph Soble, committed suicide in 1980 after Yocum set him up with the Feds in order to get himself off the hook. That this man has the nerve to sell his side of the story and present himself as a martyr and a "pawn" only confirms the belief that I have had since my father's death; that he is the lowest form of life there is. If it financially benefits him, Yocum will sell out and snitch on anyone without a thought of how his actions affect others. Now it seems he is writing a book to profit from his "soldier" crusader story to pay off his long, overdue debt to the U.S. government and tell his "woe is me" tale to the public.

Don't fall for it folks.

Yocum brought all of his troubles on himself. That he is suddenly so concerned with how the government spends the American taxpayer's money just shows how transparent this man is.

My family and I went through years of pain and anguish because of Joe Soble's suicide. Seeing Mr. Yocum's face on the cover of the Tucson Weekly brought back all of that pain and anger. I will never forget how Greg Courtland Yocum literally tore apart my family through his cowardly actions.
--Cindy (Soble) Savage

Real Men

To the Editor,
If I read Zachary Woodruff's "Eastwood's Bridgework" (Tucson Weekly, June 8) correctly, it seems as if you figure that because this under-appreciated farm wife subjugates herself to her husband, and "has her cake and eats it too," therefore, it couldn't be at all possible that some "rugged, worldly dude" could be interested in her, right?

Hmm, it must be that she's got to be a skinny adolescent with implants--otherwise, she'll be stuck in some farming backwater with a brainless slug for a husband and a house full of kids who don't respect her. Sorry, Zak, while a little bimbette might be what it take to fire your childish fantasies, I think men like Clint Eastwood and Robert Kincaid (and Robert James Waller, for that matter, in spite of his almost sickeningly sweet prose), have a little more class. At least I hope so. Gives this size 18 wife something to fantasize about when the soap operas get old.
--Melissa A. Blain

Drumming Tom-Tom

To the Editor,
After reading Tom Danehy's shtick for what seems like eons, I'm ready for a doctor--Kevorkian! Goin' through such pain and suffering compels me to get on Danehy's case. Lord knows, someone has to.

What's the deal with this Captain Sports trip of yours, Danehy? I mean, who put salt in your quiche? You make Lute Olson look giddy. Who peed in your Evian, Tom?

Every week, it's "this sucks...that sucks...everything sucks, everybody sucks...everybody but me." Throw in a few "shits," a "merde" or two, and toss in a big "bite me" at the end. Hey, take the rest of the summer off, Danehy, I've written your next column--your next 10 columns.

To such wit and wisdom I respond, "Wow Tom, what vision. You must stay up for weeks on end to come up with such incisive analysis. What truly intelligent writing. You don't just write news stories, Danehy. You dissect the sports issues like nobody I've seen since, um, Sabrina Dorsey, and your predictions have more holes in them than Patty Weiss' face. Rose Bowl? Meow."

Here's some quick advice, Danehy. Turn to the back few pages of The Weekly. Then hire one of those holistic ad-types to give you a good enema. Get that colon cleansed. Maybe that'll make you feel better. Why so bitter about so much, Tom? You come off as one of those ex-jocks who is mad at the world because he hasn't done shit with his life. Read your junk. If you can, that is. Hey, am I wrong? You make Newt Gingrich look like a class act. Every week, a new cheap shot at somebody behind their backs. Have some guts, Tom. If you're gonna be a dick, be a dick to somebody's face. Like me. Because your tired rap is an ex-president, baby. Bush!

I find it ironic that you constantly deride teams and players for a lack of "sportsmanship." You bemoan that they "play like thugs," and that they "talk trash." (What a coincidence. Almost all of these "bad sports" are black. Yasoo, bozz.) In other words, Tom, you don't like athletes who play like you write. Yes, sir, your columns tell us what true sportsmanship is really about. Or let's put it this way. Trash talk? Chris Webber has a picture of you on his wall, Danehy. You are trash talk, Tom. And a hypocrite supreme (now just 99 cents at Jack-in-the-Box).

Here's an example of what I mean. When Arizona made the Final Four last year, it should have bezen one of the happiest--and classiest--moments in school history. But Danehy and his boy Lute Olson used that moment not to exult, but to assail their enemies--real and imagined. And you saw the result: UA choked in the clutch.

Same deal in football. UA wins a bowl game. Danehy brags. UA gags. There's a lesson there somewhere. A lesson on (gasp) sportsmanship.

I can forgive Lute for being a dick. At least he's won a few thousand games. But methinks Mr. Danehy should wait to win something once in his life before he feels fit to be the authority on what, or who, sucks. With people like Danehy, Lute, Bill Frieder and Sean Elliot, Arizona has become famous for two things, whining and choking.

By the way, Tom, why the bug up your butt about Michigan? Did you go there in the past and get treated like what you really are? A big, fat zero. The amount of meaningful titles Arizona has ever won. (Yesssss! And he's fouled!)

Give me a break, Tom. I'm a sports fan in Tucson. I'm dying for a scrap of meat. And I get stuck with you and Greg Hansen. Hear that, Tom? We're lumping you in the same category as Hansen. That is sad. It doesn't have to be that way. But your columns hit the mark like Damon Stoudamire against Arkansas--4 for 25--Sooooiiiiieeeee! Write something positive for a change, Danehy. (And I don't mean the fluff piece on Steve Kerr. Terry McVeigh could say nice things about Steve Kerr!) Use your column to build something, not tear down everything--and everybody. Instead of smugly saying that "everything sucks," get off your fat ass and make a difference in your community...Go Cats. Go Blue. And Tom, Go Blow!

A final note: We've sent copies of Danehy's "work" back to Michigan. Now dogs in two states piss on his columns. Hey, Tom, we told Chris Webber that you think he sucks. He was so upset that he could barely cash his $55 million paycheck!!!
--Kevin Cottrell

Bureau Booster

To the Editor,
Regarding "The G-Men Wore Jackboots" (Tucson Weekly, June 1): No comparison can be made between current FBI Director Louis Freeh and J. Edgar Hoover.

If you want to live in the past, go back and read a good book about George Washington. Oklahoma City was not a Black Panther armored car holdup.

This society must have law enforcement agencies that function in the context of the Constitution. Apparently, we are more civilized today.

All of us want law enforcement to come to our aid when we are in danger and cannot protect ourselves. That is the ideal we must work for and it is possible.
--George Arden

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June 29 - July 5, 1995

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