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ANNIE'S PLACE. 7410 E. 22nd St.
293-7259. Saturday: The Bullies.

THE BARON'S. 2401 S. Wilmot Road.
745-9250. Thursday: Hurricane Carla, Kings of Pleasure. Saturday: Blueskatchur. Sunday: Cass Preston. Friday/Monday/Tuesday: Tony & the Torpedoes with Anna Warr. Wednesday: Kings of Pleasure.

BERKY'S BAR. 5769 E. Speedway. 296-1981. Thursday: Tony and the Torpedoes with Anna Warr. Friday: The Rowdies. Saturday: Richard Gomez Tribute. Sunday: J. Walker. Monday: Toe Jam. Tuesday: The Rowdies. Wednesday: Bad Newz Blues Band.

Club Listings THE BLUE ROOM. 536 N. Fourth Ave.
770-1377. Thursday/Saturday: Charles Barker and his Heartbreak Blues Band. Saturday: Bloolyte.

BOOMERS NIGHT CLUB. 4192 E. 22nd St. 571-1218. Saturday: Bloolyte. Tuesday: Millennium Day.

BOONDOCKS LOUNGE. 3360 N. First Ave. 690-0991. Thursday: Cobras. Friday: The Mollys. Saturday: Goodfoot. Sunday: James Armstrong. Wednesday: Lori Davidson and the Intruders.

BUGGY WHEEL BAR & GRILL. 3156 E. Drexel Road. 573-0035. Friday/Saturday: Cobras.

CHICAGO BAR. 5954 E. Speedway.
748-8169. Thursday: Neon Prophet. Friday: Working Class Band. Saturday/Tuesday: Lori Davidson and the Intruders. Sunday: Vicki Tama & The Swinging Richards. Monday: Vicki Tama with Sapphire Kieft and Danny DeVeaux. Wednesday: High Rise.

CLUB CONGRESS. 311 E. Congress St. 622-8848. Friday: Sand Rubies, Conception Romero, Satellite. Monday: The Knots, Bubba Grubz, Suicide Lane.

DOUBLE ZERO. 121 E. Congress St.
670-9332. Wednesdays: Jimmy's Basement of Free Jazz. Thursday: End Transmission. Friday: The Blacks, Helldriver. Saturday: Sprung Monkey, Un-Written Law.

FAMOUS SAM'S. 2480 W. Ruthrauff Road. 292-0492. Thursday: Live Wire. Saturday:
The Drift.

FAMOUS SAM'S. 7129 E Golf Links.
296-1245. Friday/Saturday: Anthem.

FENDERSKIRTS. 140 S. Kolb Road.
722-1214. Friday: Split Decision. Saturday: Billy Shears Band.

FROG & FIRKIN. 874 E. University Blvd. 623-7507. Friday/Saturday: Call for information. Wednesday: Paul Elia and 3rd
of 5.

MARGARITA BAY. 7415 E. 22nd St.
290-8977. Friday: Lori Davidson and the Intruders. Saturday: The Bullies.

MUTT'S. 420 N. Fourth Ave. 628-8664. Saturday: Oslo B. with The Grooves

NIMBUS BREWERY. 3850 E. 44th St.
745-9175. Thursday: Jimmy Carr, Lou Ann Lucas, Turpentine. Friday: Degrees Plato, The Cheap Shots, Cloven Hoof, The LMNOP's. Saturday: Los Federales, Weird Lovemakers. Wednesday: Big Galoot, The Determined Luddites.

O'MALLEY'S. 247 N. Fourth Ave. 623-8600. Thursday: Phig Newton. Friday: Zowie Bowie. Saturday: LeeAnne Savage & Shockadelica.

RHINO PUB. 1112 E. Sixth St. 903-9039. Thursday: reggae open mic. Friday: Wise Guys. Saturday: Degrees Plato. Monday: Tommy Tucker. Monday: Brian Carpenter. Tuesday: open mic, Electric Buffalo.

THE RIALTO THEATRE. 318 E. Congress St. 740-0126. Friday: Buddy Miles. Saturday: Billy Bacon & The Forbidden Pigs, Rockin' Lloyd Trip and the Amazing Zipguns, Frank Sprague and his Rockabilly Ripsnorts, James Dead, Helldriver, Creosote, Phonoroyale, Exit 56, The Mark Downs.

THE ROCK. 136 N. Park Ave. Wednesday: Harvey Danger.

ROCK-IT BAR & GRILL. 5001 E. 29th St. 747-7047. Friday: Binge. Saturday: Johnnie's Jump.

ROUTE 66. 3146 E. Grant Road. 318-4767. Thursday: Fish Fry Open Jam Session. Friday: Fez. Saturday: Greyhound Soul.

SAN FRAN GRILL. 6548 E. Tanque Verde Road. 886-8391. Friday: Daredevils.

SPEAKEASY. 1120 S. Wilmot Road.
519-0355. Friday/Saturday: High Rise. Tuesday/Sunday: Joe Tamayo. Thursday: Bad Newz Blues Band.

THIRD STONE. 500 N. Fourth Ave.
628-8844. Thursday: Studrifters, Creosote. Friday: Paul Elia and 3rd of 5. Saturday: the San Jacinto Acoustic Showcase. Sunday: Depth. Monday: Groove Rhythm & Soul Stimulation. Tuesday: Splendida. Wednesday: Oslo B. with The Grooves.

THIRSTY'S. 2422 N. Pantano Road.
885-6585. Saturday: Lori Davidson and the Intruders.

WILDCAT HOUSE. 1801 N. Stone Ave. 622-1302. Monday: Disco Pimps.

YANKEE DOODLE PIZZA PALACE. 1929 E. Grant Road. 325-1771. Wednesday: open mic. Saturday: Splendida, Panic Over Trainwreck, Randy McReynolds.


ARIZONA INN. 2200 E. Elm St. 325-1541. Tuesday-Thursday in the Audubon Lounge: Bob Linesch. Friday-Monday: Dennis Reed.

AROMA CAFÉ. 346 N. Fourth Ave.
623-2088. Friday: Ray Tester. Saturday: Robert Steigert.

4235 N. Oracle Road. 292-1333. Sunday: Ron Durback. Monday: Laura Cohn. Wednesday: Rich Stanley.

BOX SEATS PUB & GRILL. 8848 E. Tanque Verde Road. 760-6699. Friday/Wednesday: The Ronstadt Cousins.

CAFÉ MAGRITTE. 254 E. Congress St.
884-8004. Friday: Matt Mitchell Group. Sunday: Marco Rosso & Tom Williams.

622-6464. Thursday: Katy & Company. Friday: LRQ Quartet. Saturday: 'Round Midnight with John Ronstadt.

628 N. Fourth Ave. 740-0393. Thursday: Sara. Saturday: Mandala. Tuesday: Vanessa. Wednesday: David Blasko.

COFFEE PLANTATION. 845 W. University Blvd. 628-4300. Friday: Tommy Tucker. Saturday: Arm & Hammer.

COTTONWOOD CLUB. 60 N. Alvernon Way. 326-6000. Thursday: Kate Scott and Tony Heath. Friday: Kings of Pleasure. Saturday: Leon Kittrell and Statesboro. Sunday: TJS Jam with the Jacob Sudal Band. Tuesday: Paul Elia and 3rd of 5. Wednesday: Kings of Pleasure.

CUPPUCCINO'S. 3400 E. Speedway.
323-7205. Wednesday: ATM.

CUSHING STREET BAR AND GRILL. 343 S. Meyer Ave. 622-7984. Friday/Saturday: Richard Sullivan & Susan Artemis. Sunday: Tracy York.

EL CHARRO. 6310 E. Broadway. 745-1922. Friday: Amilcar Guevara's Latin Jazz Trio.

EL MARIACHI RESTAURANT. 106 W. Drachman St. 791-7793. Friday/Saturday: Cumbanchero.

EL PARADOR. 2744 E. Broadway. 881-2808. Friday/Saturday: Rafael Moreno and Descarga.

311 E. Congress St. 622-8848. Thursday: Dan Slipetsky. Saturday: Gabrielle.

LA FUENTE. 1749 N. Miracle Mile.
623-8659. Thursday-Sunday: El Mariachi de la Fuente. Monday/Tuesday: Los Armonicos.

KINGFISHER. 2564 E. Grant Road.
323-7739. Monday: George Howard.

PUSCH RIDGE BREWING. 5861 N. Oracle Road. 888-7547. Saturday: The Three L Trio. Sunday: David Muniz.

SAN FRANCISCO BAR AND GRILL. 3922 N. Oracle Road. 292-2233. Friday/Saturday: Ismael Barajas.

5151 E. Grant Road. 321-7621. Friday/Saturday: Don Knight.

SOLARIUM. 6444 E. Tanque Verde Road. 886-8186. Thursday-Saturday: Chris Minker.

WEE WENT WONGS. 4844 E. 22nd St. 748-7570. Thursday/Friday: Funkyard Gang. Saturday: Evolution. Wednesday: Crayola.

WESTWARD LOOK RESORT. 245 E. Ina Road. 297-1151. Thursday-Saturday: Johnny and the Night Train.

YE OLDE LANTERN. 1800 N. Oracle Road. 622-6761. Tuesday-Saturday: Marylin Archer. Sunday: Ernie Menehune.


887-9027. Friday/Saturday: Black Jac.

DURANGO SALOON & DANCE HALL. 1302 W. Roger Road. 888-1331. Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Rodeo. Sunday/Wednesday: Deacon & The Boyz.

EDDIE'S COCKTAILS. 8510 E. Broadway. 290-8750. Wednesday-Sunday: R.D. Skinner Band.

LARIAT STEAKHOUSE & SALOON. 16666 N. Oracle Road. 825-9907. Friday/Saturday: Branded.

LI'L ABNER'S STEAKHOUSE. 8501 N. Silverbell Road. 744-2800. Friday/Saturday: Dean Armstrong and the Arizona Dancehands. Sunday: Titan Valley Warheads.

4702 E. 22nd St. 748-0456. Tuesday-Saturday: Jadi Morris with Overdrive.

PEPPER'S CANTINA. 950 S. Wilmot Road. 748-9975. Tuesday-Saturday: Borrowed Money.

ROADRUNNER LOUNGE. 5975 Western Way Circle. 578-0341. Friday/Saturday: Desert Fire. Sunday: Cathy Ceffili.

SHERATON EL CONQUISTADOR. 10000 N. Oracle Road. 544-5000. Thursday: Duncan Stitt. Friday/Saturday: Paul Powell, Miss Georgia and the Diamond Rough Revue. Sunday: Curtis Case. Wednesday: Duncan Stitt.

SWING INN LOUNGE. 1618 W. Wetmore Road. 292-2201. Friday/Saturday: Borrowed Money. Sunday: variety music with Suzie Rough.


LAFFS COMEDY CAFFÉ. 2900 E. Broadway. 323-8669. Thursday-Sunday: Eugene Kenny, Zooman. Saturday/Sunday: Tommy Chong.

If you would like your band, club or solo act to be listed, send all pertinent times, dates, prices and places to: Club Listings, Tucson Weekly, P.O. Box 2429, Tucson, AZ 85702. Fax listings to (520) 792-2096, or email us at Deadline to receive listings information is Friday, seven days before the Thursday publication date.

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