March 30 - April 5, 1995


The Prosecution Objects

To the Editor,

Thomas Jefferson was reported to have said that "the man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." Of course, it was a journalist who reported that, so who the hell knows really?

Anyway, I was reminded of old Tom the other day when I came across your reference to me in The Skinny (Tucson Weekly, March 15), asserting that I was trying to get appointed to fill Steve Neely's position should he forsake his job for the greener (and much less meaner) pastures of New Zealand. I'm sorry to burst your "it's all a plot" bubble, guys, being kind of a conspiracy nut myself (just ask Bob Hirsh's clients), but it just won't wash. State law requires the Board of Supes to fill such a vacancy with someone from the same party. Steve's a Democrat, I'm a Republican. Next case, as they say in the biz.

That "angling" for a job thing did sound promising, though. You guys looking to hire an accuracy editor?

--David R. White,

Chief Criminal Deputy (for now)

Raising Cane

To the Editor,

Though not normally a violent person, I must say the recent thrashing of one of the prosecutor's truth-seekers tickled the hell out of me. I wonder if our forty-something officer-of-the-court would have been as quick to flip the bird at some bearded, muscle-bound gorilla straddling a Harley as he was at displaying the digit to some 66-year-old retiree? I think not.

Now my life on earth will be complete if only I can see/hear some sweet little old lady roll down her window at Speedway and Kolb and yell to a horn-blowing idiot behind her, "Blow that freaking horn one more time, Bozo, and I'm gonna rip off your freaking head and defecate down your neck!"

Viva la dotage!

--Jim Backes

Judgment Call

To the Editor,

I found the article on Maurice Hill ("Private Lessons," Tucson Weekly, March 16) rather disturbing. That TUSD didn't research his application claims as far as across town is bad enough. But when he is convicted and slapped on the wrist, it is quite another. The article attributes "the slap" to "the court." Just who is this "court?" It must be a judge, and likely it is an elected judge. When you run a story like this it would be helpful to the electorate if the credit for this apparently irresponsible jurisprudence were assigned to the individual judge so that we know who to vote out of office the next time around.

As much as people complain about the incredible things that attorneys are able to achieve, it is the judge who is in charge of the court and any decision carries his tacit approval. Let us know which of our judges are overseeing this nonsense.

--Mark Stevenson

A Taxing Solution

To the Editor:

Regarding Jim Hightower's "Privacy, Please" (Tucson Weekly, March 16): Hightower just does not go far with his suggestions for possible Republican targets for privatization!

The Arizona tax "relief" bill that has $200 million relief divided in half on the basis of $100 million to the richest 4 percent, and $100 million to the rest of us, only gives us a clue to a Final Solution GOP Tax Bill.

Since everyone but the wealthiest need incentives, and since wealth filters down (let them eat crumbs) why not tax only those who do not make $200,000 a year ($300,000 for married people--to encourage family life).

The beauty of this is that those who do not reach the threshold must pay taxes. No welfare. This will promote everyone working toward the goal of not paying taxes. Strive or starve!

--Herbert A. Shatz

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March 30 - April 5, 1995

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