Tear Down This Wal-Mart

To the Editor,

Regarding Emil Franzi's "Mall Rats" (February 18): The Tucson City Council needs to realize that the only way to stand up to arrogant developers in defense of neighborhoods is to recognize that Tucson needs another Wal-Mart and multi-screen complex like we all need artillery shells through our heads. It is easy to make a list of 50 very negative impacts on the city if this development, or any like it, is permitted.

Mailbag So long as greed rules, the public will be damned, and their tax money devoted to the convenience and profit of big business. (Under this formula, no price is too great to pay--congestion, air quality, crime, degradation of the environment, etc. ad nauseam.) How far, though, would the cost of a single mile of pavement go toward improving mass transit or the schools that are a public shame? Traffic and dependence on cars are not a future problem. If your house were burning down, you wouldn't stand outside throwing Molotov cocktails into the flames. Or would you?

--David Ray

Victim's Lament

To the Editor,

Hats off to Jeff Smith for "Hands Off, Hamilton" (February 18), demanding the Legislature keep their grubby hands from grabbing victims' money. Smith gave them a strong voice and some much needed and appreciated ink.

--Barbara LaWall

Pima County Attorney

Doggie Defender

To the Editor,

Regarding Tom Danehy's terse and mean column on the dog show ("Hounded," February 18): All these people do, Mr. Danehy, is show the dogs for themselves and others to enjoy--just show, that's all. They don't whip, hit with ropes or reins, or rake pointed metal objects down them; they don't trip them, halt them at full stride by garroting them with a rope or leap on them and twist their head around till they fall over. They don't tie their three legs together (why not four?) or run them around barrels. (Where in the hell did that come from?) They simply show them. They don't stick a sword between their eyes after tormenting them for an hour or so and cut off their ears. They don't put them in a pit to kill each other while a bunch of fat, sweaty men and women watch and get their jollies. They just show them.

Their attire--well, golly, I can see why that would be a puzzlement, seeing as how the most dressed-up individual at any TCC event is the one with the smallest pit stains on their WWF T-shirt and tennis shoes. There are no roaches to kill in corners or crap to kick, so they don't need to wear those pointy-toed things. They just show dogs--pretty, fine-coated, long-haired, muscular, sissified or masculine, hunting dogs--to themselves and others who appreciate beauty and style. They don't ask for help, annoy anyone (except you), play loud music , dress in silly costumes or have big trucks on huge wheels; they just show dogs.

--Richard P. Craig

Good Sports, After All

To the Editor,

Regarding "That Salpointe Spirit" (The Skinny, February 25): You really have it in for Salpointe and will only be satisfied by smearing the students and staff in the mud time after time after time. Before you print more slanted stories against the school, how about presenting facts? I have nephews that attend Salpointe and I have been present at some of the sports functions you have (and I use the term loosely) "reported" about and frankly, I can't figure out where your stories are coming from. Please stop these stories because you are hurting these kids for your pleasure in gossip, nothing more.

--Doree Corkill

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