March 2 - March 8, 1995


Apology Accepted

To the Editor:

I'd like to thank the editors of the Tucson Weekly for acknowledging publicly that portions of an article I wrote for The Los Angeles Times Magazine recently appeared in their pages in slightly altered form, unfortunately credited to someone else.

I'm also grateful to Tucson Weekly staff members who personally conveyed their regrets over this incident. As I told them and other local journalists who contacted me, my long-standing opinion is that the Tucson Weekly performs a unique and vital role in Arizona media. The manner with which the Weekly acted to resolve this situation demonstrates commendable journalistic responsibility.

--Alan Weisman


TV Indignation

To the Editor:

"Long on titillation, speculation and fabrication, and wafer-thin on verification." A description of tabloid television? No, it's just another Tucson Weekly article.

If Tucsonans really want tabloid journalism, they should read Tom Danehy's article on KOLD-TV ( "Newsplex Confidential," Tucson Weekly, February 16), particularly the interview with Jennifer Gould. Her interview was an insidious form of sexual harassment. It was surprising to read an article so full of sleazy infatuation written by someone who teaches a weekly catechism class. It was especially offensive that in true tabloid form, your editors decided to hype that section with the "Newsbabe" quote in bold type at the bottom of the page. People everywhere should be offended by the tone as well. It was not until the very bottom of the second column that you bothered to mention Jennifer's credentials. How are her teeth, complexion or the occupation of her "honey" relevant to the fine work she does reporting and anchoring our news? Why did you fail to mention the investment we've made in talent--getting quality people like Bud Foster, Mindy Blake, Tina Naughton, Peter Linton-Smith and Dave Harmon?

The biggest insult was to characterize New Vision Television (who still currently owns and operates this station) as cheapskates. That was a very low blow. The company invested almost $3 million building a state-of-the-art facility.

In Danehy's article there is an implication that KOLD's news is a derivative of tabloid style TV. Danehy says that we sacrifice style and substance to speed. Yes, we have set a faster pace for our newscasts, and in fact we are delivering more news to viewers. With much less staff than the so-called "dominant" station we are constantly breaking more stories.

Don't get us wrong. We appreciate the coverage, and if you read the story very carefully there are some positive (and accurate) items in the story. It's too bad your publication is incapable of saying anything nice about anyone without fear of being perceived as "soft." The Weekly is a slave to its style of trash and burn journalism.

--Dave Joseph

Vice President and General Manager


The Eyes Have It

To the Editor,

Regarding "Newsplex Confidential," (Tucson Weekly, February 16): There's only one reason I watch KOLD News, and that's to gaze deliriously into the exotic depths of Cynthia Santana's eyes. How dare Tom Danehy devote two columns to Jennifer Gould and less than two paragraphs to Santana, whose poise, self assurance and homegrown good looks make her a shoo-in for Number One Newsbabe of all networks. (And I love to hear her pronounce those Spanish words!) And lay off her hair! Don't you know less is more? And just one question: Does "Bud" Foster stumble over his words so much because he's nervous or stoned?

--Theodore Mann


To the Editor,

Oh come on, Tucson Weekly. A "serious" article about KOLD-TV's news-gathering abilities, or lack of ("Newsplex Confidential," Tucson Weekly, February 16)? Although some of the history was fun to read (Kathy Randall and Alfo, for example), the article was suffering from an identity crisis. Was it about competence or looks? The only mention of the competition (the very talented Weiss and Goodrich) was so incredibly insulting and vicious, it made me sick. Then, no less than 25 inches about Jennifer Gould's teeth, complexion and what concerts she went to in high school. You've got to be kidding.

The fact is, Weiss and Goodrich are always on top because they are the best. The "proverbial 900-pound gorilla, although not as attractive," line was absolutely uncalled for. Even if those two were unattractive, which they're not, is that what counts? How about talent, competence, and loyalty to a Tucson audience, something not many Tucson news anchors possess, and Gould freely admitted not having.

Why did you single out Jennifer Gould to spotlight and fill us in on every detail of her life? Is she pulling KOLD-TV out of the "ratings toilet?" Man-oh-man, those must be some pretty fabulous teeth!

--Trudy Jacobson

Babe Rage

To the Editor:

Regarding "Newsplex Confidential" (Tucson Weekly, February 16): Newsbabes? Pleeease! Why didn't you print all their measurements, instead of just their height and weight? I sure would like to know what the "newbabe's" favorite colors are and more about their love lives!

What an incredible double standard you have. Newswomen are judged on their looks while newsmen are judged on merit. You featured Bud Foster but failed to even mention his female counterpart Mindy Blake. Could it be that as a serious journalist she refused to participate or did Tom think it would be too hard to get a date?

As someone who seems to take pride in commenting positively on women athletes, I would have expected more than a "newsbabe" of the month approach to an article about media journalists. Gee, Tom, are you that hard up that you can't even approach an attractive woman without falling all over yourself? You owe these hardworking women an apology.

--Mary Zimmerman

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March 2 - March 8, 1995

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