March 2 - March 8, 1995


Local government is fun to watch--and the Tucson area's politicians and bureaucrats have been known to wallow at the public trough in ways that would embarrass a Chicago alderman.

Instead of letting all that good material go to waste, we're announcing the first of a new feature called "Pork 'N' Perks." Trust us--you'll get the idea.

The next time you hear somebody whine about how impoverished our poor city council members are, try to remember all the freebies they collect. One of those perks is free golf at city courses--a perk Councilman Roger Sedlmayr takes advantage of quite often.

OK so far, but City Parks Department personnel tell us Sedlmayr likes to bring the rest of his foursome in for free, too. The council never included guests in the deal, but it's a little hard for the grunts at the gate to tell a councilman no.

But not so hard for us to make Sedlmayr our very first entry in Pork 'N' Perks.

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March 2 - March 8, 1995

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