Letter Of The Week: Air Fright

Our letter of the week comes from Glenn Willis of Amado, Arizona, who sent a total of six copies of his letter to The Weekly (One for every member of the editorial staff, in fact, with the exception of Art Director Hector Acuña--perhaps because, as we will see, Hector can't be trusted.) Willis writes:

Mailbag After observing the U.S. Gov't's deliberate actions (for several years) to destroy itself, the nation, and the good things it was intended to stand for, I can no longer keep silent. More than two hundred years ago, the British put the Germans (Hessans) on us (The People) which resulted in a war to throw off those criminals. Today's criminals in the gov't seek now to destroy the country by directly violating Article VI of the U.S. Constitution which states:

..."All executives and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution;"...That is why all U.S. law enforcement are sworn into public service by an oath. So, Mexican police/military in the U.S., enforcing U.S. law, is a criminal act according to constitutional law.

Below please find listed, the aircraft registration numbers of some of the aircraft used in this outrageous operation. These aircraft has been supplied by the U.S. gov't to Mexico for use against Americans. Now, hardware supplied includes, but is not limited to, the following spy planes fully equipped, including forward looking infrared electronics that can see through your house walls and roof:

(Editor's note: a series of numbers follows, before Glenn wraps it up...)

To reiterate, these aircraft have been equipped with high tech U.S. military technology, hardware, and training by the U.S. gov't. They work closely with the U.S. Customs, DEA, U.S.A.F., U.S. Army, Border Patrol, D.P.S., and operate out of American and Mexican military and civilian airbases.

My hope is that this information will be published (as my attorney has stated, the government fears the truth) so that this outrage will cease.

If you desire more information about U.S. forces activity in this regard, please don't hesitate to ask.


Glenn Willis

Drawn And Quartered

To the Editor,

In regards to David Price's letter condemning Joe Forkan's comic efforts, let me just say as a casual observer and an obsessive fan, some people just don't get it!

I disagree with Price's comment that Forkan's writing "stinks." Come on, David--you know that sometimes it's the best stuff in the entire Weekly!

Rock on, Joe!

--Todd Robinson

Biting Back

To the Editor,

I was appalled to see Leo Banks' "Snake, Rattle And Roll" (Tucson Weekly, January 23). Most distressing was an obvious lapse in your editorial decision to run the story. Your feature article that week was on the demise of the bighorn sheep in the Catalina Mountains; on a regular basis I read articles in your paper criticizing developers for their callous attitudes when it comes to preserving the natural beauty of the desert. Then you decide to run an article which basically endorses the slaughtering of rattlesnakes.

Banks' story fails to point out the benefits these creatures provide, like controlling rodent populations, while overstating their danger. I understand that nothing illegal is being done--the state of Arizona allows it, despite the fact that it is poor management of a natural resource.

I wouldn't be surprised to read such a one-sided, sensationalist article like this in one of the daily papers. But I apparently was under the mistaken impression that your paper tries to present the other side of the argument, something the dailies usually ignore. Articles like the one on bighorn sheep do a good job of pointing out the struggles we have to contend with here in the developing desert, as well as the importance of learning to have respect for our natural surroundings and the unique plants and animals that inhabit this region. The article on rattlesnake hunters does nothing but glamorize destruction.

And how much respect for an animal can you have when you turn them into night lights and earrings? I hope I never read another article like it in your weekly paper.

--Jeffrey Moorbuk

Wasteland Wordsmith

To the Editor,

Regarding Rick Emrich's "Troubled Vision" (Tucson Weekly, February 6): Emrich is right on the mark and I appreciate his reference to my views.

--Newton N. Minnow

Learning Curves

To the Editor,

Regarding Jeff Smith's "Screw the Schools" (Tucson Weekly, January 23): I was glad to see political chicanery unearthed. It is shameful that an elected official of Fife Symington's stature would dare to yo-yo Arizona voters with such a prime issue of educational funding.

After his first "hole-in-the-pocket" aid plan was shot down by the courts, I wasn't surprised when his second "hole-in-the-brain" plan, equally inane, was also rejected. Maybe he and his carnival of country-club advisors should actually put some time and thought into a new system of financing schools.

Does this rat not realize that solving this monetary equality issue among schools could be his vote-getting cheese?

--Theo von Kurnatowski

Fife's Flim Flam

To the Editor,

Doesn't the oath of office for governor include the pledge to enforce the laws of the state?

Gov. Symington refuses to enforce the law as articulated in Prop. 201 on Indian gaming, medical care for the indigent up to federal levels in the Healthy AZ Initiative, and drug treatment, authorized by the marijuana initiative.

This is the best evidence yet for impeachment, along with the usual lying, cheating and stealing.

--Mansur Johnson

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