Water Logged

To the Editor,

I'm offering a $50 reward to the first person who can produce a valid copy of the consent decree actually signed by a judge which requires the City of Tucson to deliver TCE-treated water to people in Tucson to drink. Tucson Water and the City Attorney keep insisting that the EPA must approve a change in the consent decree to recharge the TCE water. If anyone can find a copy of that signed consent decree which requires people to drink that water, please apply for the reward at: Pima County Supervisor Ed Moore, 130 W. Congress St., 11th Floor, Tucson, 740-8051.

Mailbag My office has been told that no such order exists. Could it be that the city is not telling the truth about Proposition 200? Why does City Water keep saying that Prop 200 will cost so much? The pipes are already in the ground. Watch the river beds the next time it rains. Recharge is a natural process that doesn't need bureaucrats to make it work.

Look for future reward offers dealing with the following:

1. The bogus $84,000,000 cost of Proposition 200.

2. Punishing voters by creating shortages and pumping water from areas that should be recharged.

3. The $235,000,000 local commitment for the "free" terminal storage lake.

4. How many wells were taken out of service by Tucson Water, and why?

5. Public health analysis shows that pure groundwater is safer than any river water. Why would City Water accept known fatalities from the use of river water when groundwater doesn't require such risk to humans?

6. The falsehoods about non-existent landfills that don't affect natural recharge, but would mysteriously affect CAP water.

The issue is simple...are Tucson Water's top bureaucrats telling the truth about these issues, or not? The public has a right to know. What a wonderful opportunity for Tucson Water to prove they're right for the first time in the last 15 years.

--Ed Moore

Pima County Supervisor

Standing Up For Slackers

To the Editor,

In reading David Devine's hit on our new City Councilman Michael Crawford ("Missing In Action," Tucson Weekly, January 11), it is obvious that Devine does not understand that the position of City Councilman was created to be a part-time position. Tucson's form of government is strong city manager and weak mayor and council.

Essentially, staff runs the city and brings in the board of directors (City Council) once a week to rubber-stamp what staff has put together.

One can only expect that for the money councilmen are paid ($1,500 a month), one cannot support a family, so most councilmen work part-time.

Unlike Devine, Michael Crawford and his supporters knew all the above when he was appointed City Councilman.

Likewise, anyone who understands our city government realizes that it is unfair, illogical and possibly a financial disaster for a city councilman to work full-time as a councilman. From what I read and hear about Michael Crawford, we are fortunate a man of his abilities is working for us at a wage that is lower than the average city worker is paid. If the Tucson Weekly wants full-time councilmen, you all should work towards increasing the council's salary.

--Don Golos

David Devine replies: Mr. Golos is right on target when he writes that part-time city councilmembers "rubber- stamp" the city manager's decisions. But he is way off-base when he states this is the best that people can expect. No one is forced to seek a position on the council, and anyone who thinks overseeing a $600 million operation is a part-time position is kidding himself. Plus, there is nothing to stop Crawford or any other council member from working full-time for the city and part-time somewhere else. In fact, this is exactly what Crawford said he would do before he took the position. Then, like most politicians, he changed his mind. Typical and to be expected, if what you want from your elected officials is rubber stamps, as Mr. Golos seems to prefer.

Dance Fevered

To the Editor,

I want to thank Margaret Regan for her limited, gossip-ridden, unprofessional preview concerning the Second Annual Contemporary Dance Festival ("Troupe Maneuvers," Tucson Weekly, February 1). It is amazing how she was able to project success of this second performance based on one single, solitary dance performed by The Movement Source Dance Company at the concert last year. It is equally amazing how the negative nit-picking of "one participant" displaying a show of self-aggrandizement can suddenly become "a review."

Let me mention at this time that both The Movement Source and Canyon Dance are represented on the Arizona Artist Roster supported by the Arizona Commission for the Arts. Many of The Movement Source dancers were trained at "Arizona State University's strong modern dance program" and hold Master's Degrees in Dance and Dance Education. Let me suggest that Margaret Regan get her facts straight concerning who these companies are, what they are about, and the artistic growth which has motivated and supported interested, enthusiastic communities. Brochures and numerous performances are available to allow audience members and critics alike to become informed and educated.

Somehow the Arizona Contemporary Dance Festival was created to support the professional companies in the state of Arizona, and educate and encourage contemporary audiences. Constructive criticism and informed commentaries are encouraged. However, comment based on non-facts, gossip and hear-say belong in supermarket tabloids such as The National Enquirer.

So once again, thank you for your stab at two growing, developing dance companies. The audiences at Movement Source performances are full, even sold-out, containing enthusiastic, returning patrons. I am sure Canyon Dance has the same pleasure. Please come sometime so that you too can write informed, factual reviews based on first-hand experience and knowledge. Your support, encouragement and professional choices are matched in excellence to your clairvoyance concerning future performances. I am sure you examined the bumps on the head of your informer.

--Ronelle Jock

Assistant Director

The Movement Source Dance Company

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