February 2 - February 8, 1995

[Club Listings]


ANNIE'S BAR & GRILL. 7415 E. 22nd St. 290-8977. Friday/Saturday: Force of Habit.

B-52 BAR & GRILL. 210 W. Drachman. 620-0949. Friday and Tuesday: Scott Jeffers.

BERKY'S BAR. 5769 E. Speedway. 296-1981. Friday: Blue Lizards. Saturday: Southwest Boulevard. Sunday: Boogieman Blues. Monday: Toe Jam. Tuesday/Wednesday: Full Moon Blues Band. Thursday: Deacon and the Indigo Geckos.

BODINE'S. 2526 E. Grant. 322-5584. Friday/Saturday: Johnnie and the Rumblers.

BRANDO'S. 1310 S. Alvernon Way. 325-4401. Friday/Saturday: Billy Templeton. Sunday: jam session.

BUM STEER. 1910 N. Stone Ave. 884-7377. Saturday: Ithica.

THE CAGE. 5851 E. Speedway. 885-3030. Thursday-Tuesday: alternative, industrial and techno rock. Wednesday: '80s retro-cheese.

CHICAGO BAR. 5954 E. Speedway. 748-8169. Friday/Saturday: Full Moon Blues Band. Sunday: The Dean's List. Monday/Tuesday: The Rowdies. Wednesday/Thursday: Neon Prophet.

CLUB CONGRESS. 311 E. Congress St. 622-8848. Friday: Peligro, Fuzz, Mac and Fierce Bad Rabbit. Saturday: Rod Carrillo's House of Pleazure. Sunday: The Royal Crown Revue, Mother's Little Helper and Cortex Bomb. Monday: Disco. Tuesday: acid jazz. Wednesday: '80s Flashback. Thursday: Café Flesh.

DOWNTOWN PERFORMANCE CENTER. 530-B N. Stone Ave. 628-1650. (All ages--no alcohol.) Thursday: Hooked on Chronics, Jagged Edge and The Dave Sarten Band. Friday: Killing Floor, Brother Creep, India Drive, and Casey Tripped. Saturday: Disgruntle, Gamara Crowns and Dip Bucket. Sunday: Cows, Supernova and Rocket #9. Wednesday: Kicking Giant and Wise Folk Malcontent.

FAMOUS SAM'S. 2480 W. Ruthrauff Road. 292-0492. Saturday: Chance Romance.

FAMOUS SAM'S. 3010 W. Valencia Road. 883-8888. Thursday: Bobby Taylor and the Real Deal.

FOURTH AVENUE SOCIAL CLUB. 424 N. Fourth Ave. 622-0376. Thursday: Rafael Moreno & Descarga at 9 p.m.

GENTLE BEN'S. 841 N. Tyndall Ave. 624-4177. Friday: Red Hot Blues.

HEC AND WINK'S. 51 S. Pantano Road. 885-3350. Thursday: High Rise. Friday/Saturday: Celebration. Sunday: Sam Taylor. Monday: Bobby Taylor Band. Tuesday: High Rise. Wednesday: Katy Witz & Company.

HIDEOUT SALOON. 1110 S. Sherwood Village Drive. 885-6443. Friday/Saturday: Johnny and the Night Train.

JAIME'S. 536 N. Fourth Ave. 624-0233. Thursday: Blues Crusher. Friday: Neon Prophet. Saturday: Zebbhi Niyah.

KON TIKI. 4625 E. Broadway. 323-7193. Friday: Doug Derosia.

NEON MOON. 5150 E. Speedway. 881-7500. Thursday-Monday: Blue Light Blues Band. Tuesday/Wednesday: Bobby Taylor and the Real Deal with Sam Taylor.

O'MALLEYS. 247 N. Fourth Ave. 623-8600. Thursday: Glass Candles. Friday: Greyhound Soul. Saturday: One Blood.

POST TIME PUB. 2545 S. Craycroft Rd. 748-7253. Thursday/Friday: Ambición. Saturday/Sunday: Hott City Band. Wednesday: Crystal.

THE ROCK. 136 N. Park Ave. 629-9211. Thursday: Jambay and Spacefish. Friday: Common Sense. Saturday: Trulio Disgracias and Munkafust. Monday: Boogie Knights. Tuesday: S is for Space.

ROCK ISLAND CAFÉ. 6211 E. 22nd St. 747-8488. Wednesday-Saturday: Headly Lemarr.

SGT. PEPPERS. 4066 N. Oracle Road. 887-1591. Wednesday/Thursday: Call for information. Friday/Saturday: Backlash. Monday: Scott Jeffers.

THE SHELTER. 4155 E. Grant Road. 326-1345. Thursday: Garth Koren Trio.

WC'S BAR MEETS GRILL. 140 S. Kolb Road. 722-1214. Friday/Saturday: High Rise.

WINDY CITIES BAR & GRILL. 6548 E. Tanque Verde Road. 886-8391. Thursday: Sam Taylor. Friday: Boogieman Blues Band. Sunday: Full Moon Blues Band.


ARIZONA INN. 2200 East Elm St. 325-1541. In the Dining Room: Monday-Sunday: Classical guitar music. In the Audubon Lounge: Tuesday-Thursday: Pianist Bob Linesch. Friday-Monday: Pianist Dennis Reed.

CAFÉ MAGRITTE. 254 E. Congress St. 884-8004. Thursday: Matthew Mitchell solo jazz guitar. Sunday: Matthew Mitchell Jazz Duet.

CAFÉ SWEETWATER. 340 E. Sixth St. 622-6464. Thursday: Katy Witz with the Marshall Jones Quartet. Friday: Robin Horn Band. Saturday: King Suave. Monday: Xavier Marquez and Out of Nowhere.

CENTENNIAL HALL. University of Arizona. 621-3341. Call for information.

COFFEE ETC. 2830 N. Campbell Ave. 881-8070. Friday: Lee Gardner Trio. Saturday: The Stylists. Sunday: Greasy Chicken.

COFFEE ETC. 6095 N. Oracle Road. 544-8588. Grand Opening! Friday: Sean Patrick Breslin. Saturday: Lee Gardner Trio. Sunday: Racer Cafe.

CUPPUCCINOS. 3400 E. Speedway. 323-7205. Wednesday: Norman Kibble-Shane.

CUSHING STREET BAR AND RESTAURANT. 343 S. Meyer Ave. 622-7984. Friday: Sounds of Brazil. Saturday: Pet the Fish.

EL CHARRO/TOMA BAR. 311 N. Court. 622-1922. Friday: Augusto. Saturday: Ismael Barajas.

EPIC CAFÉ. 745 N. Fourth Ave. 624-6844. Thursday: Call for information.

ERNE'S PUB & GRILL. 20 W. Fort Lowell Road. 293-9680. Thursday: Greasy Chicken. Saturday: Standing Room Only.

GRAN GUADALAJARA. 2527 S. Fourth Ave. 6201321. Thursday/Friday: Perez Brothers. Saturday: Miguel Diaz. Sunday: Grupo Padenuez. Tuesday: Mickey Greco Trio. Wednesday: Oscar.

HOUSE OF SWING. 106 S. Sixth Ave. 882-0755. Friday/Saturday: Miss Lavelle White, Teddy Morgan and the Sevilles and Sam Taylor Band. Sunday: Adrian Legg, Michael Gulezian and The Blue Monks.

LA FUENTE. 1749 N. Miracle Mile. 623-8659. Wednesday-Sunday: Live mariachi music. Monday/Tuesday: Latin music with Dos Elegante.

OLSON'S ON BROADWAY. 3048 E. Broadway. 3233701. Friday: Xavier Marquez and Jed Paradies on guitar and sax.

SAN FRANCISCO BAR AND GRILL. 3922 N. Oracle Road. 292-2233. Friday: Ismael Barajas. Saturday: Hot Caliente. Sunday: The Naturals.

SHERATON-EL CONQUISTADOR. 10000 N. Oracle Road. 544-5000. Tuesday-Saturday in Dos Locos: Salvador Mariachi. Wednesday-Saturday in the Last Territory: Paul Powell. Monday-Saturday 5-8 p.m., and Sunday brunch in the lobby: Pianist Don Knight.

SOLARIUM. 6444 E. Tanque Verde Road. 886-8186. Friday/Saturday: Chris Minker.

SOUTHWEST CENTER FOR MUSIC. 2175 N. Sixth Ave. 884-1220. Friday: Club Rhythm Dance Jam. Saturday: SuperJam jazz festival.

VAN GOGH'S. 7895 E. Broadway Blvd. 722-5518. Friday: Mickey Grecco.

WESTWARD LOOK RESORT. 245 E. Ina Road. 297-1151. Thursday: The Ronstadt Cousins. Friday/Saturday: 'Round Midnight featuring John Ronstadt. Sunday: The John Howe Quartet.


BOONDOCKS LOUNGE. 3306 N. First Ave. 888-3310. Wednesday: Jam session. Friday/Saturday: Lee Ann McCabe.

BUGGY WHEEL. 3156 E. Drexel Road 573-0035. Friday/Saturday: Vital Signs.

BUSHWACKER DANCEHALL AND SALOON. 4635 N. Flowing Wells Road. 887-9027. Wednesday-Sunday: Desert Blaze.

DURANGO SALOON & DANCE HALL. 1302 W. Roger Road. 888-1331. Wednesday-Sunday: Stone Creek.

EDDIE'S COCKTAILS. 8510 E. Broadway. 290-8750. Wednesday-Sunday: Kenny Durell Band.

FORT LOWELL DEPOT. 3501 E. Ft. Lowell Road. 795-8110. Thursday-Saturday: Mezcal. Tuesday: High Rise. Wednesday: Schramm Webner Band.

GENERATIONS. 6741 N. Thornydale Road. 297-0388. Tuesday-Saturday: Rodeo.

GRUB STEAK RESTAURANT AND BAR. 2851 W. Valencia Road. 578-9009. Friday/Saturday: No Le Hace.

LARIAT STEAK HOUSE & SALOON. 16666 N. Oracle Road. 825-9987. Friday: Haywire. Saturday: Distant Rider.

LIL ABNER'S STEAK HOUSE. 8501 N. Silverbell Road. 744-2800. Friday/Saturday: Dean Armstrong and The Arizona Dance Hands.

THE MAVERICK, KING OF CLUBS. 4702 E. 22nd St. 748-0456. Tuesday-Saturday: Scotty Freel & Likity Split. Monday: Rodeo.

SWING INN LOUNGE. 1618 W. Wetmore Road. 292-2201. Friday/Saturday: The Wild Ride.

TOVI'S HOOF & HORN. 2740 S. Kinney Road. 883-6461. Friday/Saturday: Saddle City Band.

WOODEN NICKEL TAVERN. 1908 S. Country Club Road. 323-8830. Friday/Saturday: Call for information.


COMEDY CORNER. Student Union Cellar, UA campus. 621-0764. Call for information.

LAFFS COMEDY CAFFÉ. 2900 E. Broadway. 323-8669. Wednesday-Sunday: Keith Stubbs.

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February 2 - February 8, 1995

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