January 5 - January 11, 1995

Cloudy Forecasts

OUR FRIENDS AT the Skeptical Inquirer, who spend their time debunking stories about UFOs, psychics, abominable snowmen, Democratic voters and other creatures of the imagination, recently sent us a list of supermarket tabloid prediction for 1994 which failed to come true.

Among the events predicted by the world-renown psychics at the National Enquirer:

• Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere were to become "the proud parents of triplets."

• Scientists were expected to perfect a small, four-cylinder car that would run on tap water.

• Jay Leno was destined to quit the Tonight Show.

• Frank Sinatra would be appointed U.S. Ambassador to Italy.

• Whoopi Goldberg would give up acting and join a convent.

• Pope John Paul II would decree that married couples could only have sex on the first Friday of each month.

• Office workers would flee from the Sears Tower in Chicago after it began to lean like the Tower of Pisa.

The Enquirer wasn't the only one to miss a few--The Weekly World News foresaw Charles Manson getting a sex change operation before his release from prison, and the Globe predicted that Madonna would marry a Middle Eastern sheik and become a totally traditional wife, complete with long robes and veil.

What do these psychics forecast for 1995? O.J. Simpson will be acquitted, singer Whitney Houston will marry imprisoned boxer Mike Tyson, a plant grown in northern Florida will cure AIDS and volcanic eruptions in August will create a new land mass joining Cuba with America.

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January 5 - January 11, 1995

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