January 4 - January 10, 1996

Blind Ambition

A Round-Up Of Rumors And Half-Truths

B y  F r a n z i  &  N i n t z e l

WE KNOW IT'S a little early in the year for political races, but we thought we might start 1996 with recap of those whispers we've been hearing--and periodically repeating in the Skinny--about who's talking about running for office and where they're planning to do it.


District 1

Incumbent Mike Boyd, who is a Republican this week, is in desperate need for an image transplant as he seeks re-election. Boyd needs to distance himself from fellow GOP supes Ed Moore and Paul Marsh now that the $4 million bill has come in from the botched re-organization plan they implemented days after taking office three years ago.

So far, the only Republican openly planning to run against Boyd in primary is Sally Shlosser, a former Mecham appointee to the State Board of Nursing. Boyd has suggested Shlosser is running at the behest of Ed Moore--supe with less political capital than Boyd himself.

The only Democrat making noises about running is Chris Jones, a 20-something activist with the Pima Community College Democrats.

District 2

Democrat Dan Eckstrom is running for re-election. Rumor has it certain development interests are seeking a strong Hispanic Democrat to run against Eckstrom in the primary, because the GOP doesn't have a prayer in the general. Former Nogales Mayor Jose Canchola was going to run but decided it'd be too hard to re-establish credible residency.

District 3

Ed Moore, former Democrat, current Republican and possible Independent, will seek re-election, as his current post is the highest paying job he can find. If he sticks with the GOP, he faces a tough primary challenge from Amphi School Board member Vicki Cox-Golder, who will lead the cement-head attack, and accountant Ann Holden, will be beating him up from the neighborhood side.

So far, two Democrats have been making noises about running for the District 3 seat: political strategist Sharon Bronson and former state Rep. John Kromko, who lost to Moore last time.

District 4

This safe Republican district is currently represented by Paul Marsh, who will be part of legendary land speculator Don Diamond's two-horse entry, since Diamond is also supporting attorney and former PCC board member John Even in the GOP primary. Hey, if you bet both horses, you can't lose, right?

District 5

Democrat incumbent Raul Grijalva is probably looking at a free ride in this heavily Democrat district.


With County Attorney Steve Neely stepping down, two Democrats are lining up for a primary battle: County prosecutor Barbara LaWall and attorney Rick Gonzales, who made enough money in the TCE settlement to finance a strong race.

Republican David White, a county prosecutor perhaps best known for being assaulted by a senior citizen he flipped off in traffic, is contemplating a run for the office on the GOP ticket.


Incumbent Clarence Dupnik is going up against Thad Curtis, a former leiutenant with the Sherrif's Department, in the Democratic primary, while Ron Ochs, another retired sheriff's department officer, is seeking the GOP nomination.


District 11

State Sen. Peter Goudinoff (D) is retiring and the two Democrat House members, Elaine Richardson and Jorge Garcia, are expected to square off in the primary. Looking at races for the two open House seats are Nogales Mayor Louie Valdez and Scott Egan, former aide to Councilan Bruce Wheeler. Rumored GOP sacrificial lambs in this heavily Democratic district are Republicans Ora Harn, former mayor of Marana, and possibly former Marana Councilman Dave Morales.

District 12

GOP state Sen. Ann Day has yet to draw opposition. The two GOP House members, Freddie Herschberger and Dan Schottel, will be opposed by fellow Republican Steve Huffman.

District 13

The retirement of state Sen. Patti Noland has left this swing district with a pack of candidates. Both Demo House members, George Cunningham and Andy Nichols, are contemplating moving into the Senate, which would leave both House seats open. One strong Demo candidate is emerging in Colette Philip.

Republican Senate hopefuls include engineer Dale Turner and perhaps former broadcaster and GOP mayoral candidate George Borozan. GOP House hopefuls include Mike Boyd aide Ron St. John and GOP District 13 Chairman xxx.

District 14

Democrat state Sen, Ruth Solomon and Democrat House members Herschella Horton and Marion Pickens are unopposed as of now. Republican perennial loser Chuck Josephson is considering another loss.

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January 4 - January 10, 1996

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