Rages Of Sin

LOST, LONELY, & LETHAL, the title of Frank Miller's latest Sin City comic, seems to describe his state of mind, at least judging from his paranoid ramblings on the letters pages. Some time after he wrote the comic geeks' answer to Ulysses, Batman: the Dark Knight Returns, Frank became convinced the entire industry was designed to crush the lofty talents of its scribes and scriveners, and that he was their potential Savior. To this end, apparently, he has been writing, drawing, inking and pretty much running the whole show with his film-noir styled series of crime and naked ladies stories. The first Sin City story cycle (now available in hardcover and softcover editions), called simply Sin City, had everything you could want in a genre tale: It was suspenseful, the main character was engagingly good-hearted and stupid, the villain was beyond evil and the dames were, as they say, nicely stacked. However, this formula quickly grew thin. In the following series the reliance on women in fishnet leisure wear became a bit obvious. Nonetheless, it's probably still worth a look, even if just to see Miller's black-of-night inking style, which gives the comic much of its filmic feel. TW

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