Yum! Time!

In this paper, you'll find Yum!, our twice-a-year dining guide. This summer version includes an impressive set of stories, led off by Renée Downing's cover piece on "The Birth of Tucson Cuisine."

You'll also find our Chow Scan listings, from A to Z. This is a valuable resource; I recommend holding on to it.

It's worth noting that some other media sources in town are comparing their "dining guides" to ours by touting the fact that they have more listings. While that may (or may not) be true, the fact remains: Restaurants have to earn their way into our Chow Scan. Dining establishments can't get in by just asking, nor can they buy their way in. They have to be positively reviewed by our Weekly reviewers--and you know how tough we can be.

· On an unrelated note ... our sincere apologies for two goofs in last week's paper.

One mistake can be blamed on gremlins. On Page 38, we said Strangers With Candy was opening at, and I quote, "XXXXX." That should have read Century El Con 20. As a matter of fact, it did read that way when we approved the page, but for some reason, our system reverted to an older version of the page when we sent the page to our printer. We are petrified to announce that we have no idea why that happened.

The other mistake was an error of omission: We forgot to include the information box along with the Refugee Allstars of Sierra Leone story, on Page 48. No gremlins to blame here; we messed up. When we proofed the page, we couldn't see the forest for the trees.

Thank goodness both these omitted chunks of information could be found in other parts of the paper. Regardless, we apologize.

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