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The Tucson Weekly has long been known for our honest, incisive election coverage that is never, ever boring.

Well, over the next week, as Election Day approaches, we'll be going into election-coverage overdrive to bring you all of the latest news on The Range, our daily dispatch, at

On Election Night, we'll have the results as they come in, along with breaking news, up-to-the-minute commentary and reaction, photos and maybe even videos. The staff, certain contributors and the interns—yes, even the high school intern—will be blanketing the city to make sure we're covering as much as we possibly can. We'll kick the ass of any other Tucson news organization with our online coverage, despite our relatively small staff size. That's a promise.

Of course, after the results are in, we'll have the analysis that you've come to expect from us over the years.

We encourage you to join in by commenting on our coverage, through our social networks and, especially, at That way, it's a conversation. (We just ask you to follow our comments policy, which can basically be boiled down into three words: Keep it civil. Given the horrendous tone that this election season has had, that may not be easy, but it's doable. Be respectful. We insist.)

As for the print version, we'll be holding back a couple of pages beyond our normal press deadline, so that what goes on the dead (and recycled) trees is as timely as possible.

In other words ... be it in print or in pixels, we have this election covered.

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