Your Cultural Creativity Quotient

Are you a cultural creative? Take this quiz and find out!

Do you --

  1. Create your own local economies based on buying local and buying green?
  2. Get out of global financial markets and corporate-driven consumerism?
  3. Make contact with the earth, grow your own food, buy from friends and neighbors, start and support local cottage industries that can provide for basic necessities?
  4. Work on making our lives less dependent upon systems that are unsustainable and unethical?
  5. Take a much greater role in the education of your children?
  6. Give yourself time every day to commune with nature and to check in with your soul?
  7. Simplify your needs so you have more to share or less to spend?
  8. Get out of the American "disease-care" system by eating and drinking healthful organic foods and using alternative healing technologies?
  9. Find each other, share stories and build communities?
  10. Read, study and learn?


10: Were you one of the original founders of the Food Conspiracy?

8-9: You seem to understand the political connections of living. Do you need to develop other parts of yourself?

6-7: You are a "cultural creative." What else do you need to be doing?

Based on a quiz by Bear Lake Traders ( Scoring is original.
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