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Your Cinema Update: Two Movies: One Good, One Not So Good

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A lot of great performances in two films released to cinemas this week. One of those films is very good, the other falls short.

Read below to find out which one is the winner...

Now playing at Roadhouse Cinemas and Harkins, Tucson.

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci make for 2020’s most endearing and convincing movie couple as Sam and Tusker, two men dealing with slowly but surely growing dementia that will claim one of their lives.

Writer-director Harry Macqueen scored a minor miracle when he got these two for his cast. Their ability to deliver the tears, the morbid humor, and the justifiable anger that comes with such a situation is powerfully evident in their performances. Released in limited scope last year so as to be qualified for award’s consideration, both of their names, and the film, should score a bunch of noms.

Sam (Firth), a concert pianist (Firth can actually play), and Tusker are first seen in an RV on holiday. When one of them gets lost walking their dog, the film’s true story is revealed, and it plays out in a way that is heartfelt and devastating.

This and 2020’s other great film on the subject of dementia—the Anthony Hopkins starrer The Father—are supreme bummers to watch, so be forewarned. They are also wonderfully executed and essential movies.

Firth and Tucci have never been this good before, and one of them has an Oscar. Sam and Tusker are a couple that will stay with you long after viewing the film. It’s one of 2020's best movies.


Now playing at Roadhouse Cinemas and Harkins Tucson; also streaming on HBO Max

The HBO Max new policy of releasing films to theaters and streaming on the same day continues with this one from John Lee Hancock starring the Oscar trifecta of Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto.

Washington and Malek play a grizzled former detective turned sheriff’s deputy and a younger all-star investigator trying to crack the case of a serial killer. Leto plays a weirdo suspect.

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