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One of the cool things about this gig is the opportunity to work with a variety of young writers.

This week's cover story was first pitched to me last semester by UA student Tammy Stephens when I visited one of her journalism classes, taught by Jay Rochlin, an assistant professor at the UA School of Journalism. (He's also an occasional and far-too-infrequent Tucson Weekly contributor.)

Of course, Tammy isn't the only young writer in our pages this week. We have three fine UA students currently doing writing internships here: Shain Bergan, Tyler Kurbat and Jazmine Woodberry. You can see their work each week in the City Week section, and in other parts of the newspaper.

UA student Josh Morgan is currently our photo/video intern—his amazing pictures accompany Tammy's piece this week—and he's also doing some mighty fine writing on video games and technology on The Range, our daily dispatch.

Finally, our intern from City High School, A. Greene, is back for her second semester—and no offense, but she's probably smarter than you are.

Over the last couple of months, it's been a blast to work with Tammy on this week's piece; her excitement and glee for journalism is contagious. The same goes for our interns, who are usually quite excited about their first Tucson Weekly bylines.

I'm several thousand bylines into my career, and I must admit that the thrill of seeing my work in the newspaper doesn't carry the luster it once had. But it never gets old to see a young journalist experience that joy.

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