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Billy Shaw Jr.
Thursday, Aug. 15

"Can You Hear The Stars Cry?" This L.A. band asks this question on The Thirteenth Hour, their latest release. This multimedia performing arts group fuses electronica/world/rock and dance with surrealism and video projections. AL1CE is at Bar Passé... By day, this award-winning fiddler's signature black-framed glasses scream mild-mannered Clark Kent. At night, watch this virtuoso transform into a Southwestern country rock Superman. The Billy Shaw Jr. Band is at The Maverick... This month's installment of the smorgasbord of artistic expression known as Ladytowne Live features candid conversation with mayoral candidates Randi Dorman, Steve Farley and Regina Romero. With a musical set by the mighty Just Najima. At Club Congress... It's free jazz! Lookout Tucson Jazz Concert Series—presented by Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance—continues. This week sees the dynamic configuration of pianist Chris Peña, upright bassist Thøger Lund and Josh Carruthers on drums. In the Lookout Bar and Grille at The Westward Look Resort... Bohemian folk rockers Little Cloud scatter rain showers of joy to lead you heavenward. At Tap + Bottle-Downtown... Putting an electrified twist on stripped-down acoustic covers—from retro hits to the indie underground—husband and wife, guitar and violin duo Dos Sueños entertain at Crooked Tooth Brewing Co... Sky Bar sees October Intuition, BTP & Friends and Sad, Sad Girls cry in their beers... Nashville music crusader, Virginia Cannon presents a Thursday Night Singer-Songwriter Showcase. Six performers, four original songs, taking turns round robin. At Monterey Court... Accompanied by a revolving cast of guest performers, Joshua Butcher hosts The Butcher's Block. At Iron John's Brewing Company–Congress... This Canadian experimental music collective have amassed a significant cult following since their 1994 inception. GodSpeed You! Black Emperor will have you "Lift[ing] Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas" in reverence. At the Rialto Theatre. New York saxophonist/drummer/synthesizer player/composer Devin Brahja Waldman opens...

Friday, Aug. 16

NME proclaimed this festival as The Greatest Musical Event Ever. Originally billed as An Aquarian Exposition, the event brought together 400,000 young people who coexisted in peace for three days without any visible form of security. It was August 1969. Still, years later, some search for cultural significance. For some the scene conjures up images of Dante's Inferno. Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead recalls, "It was filthy. It was muddy. There wasn't enough food or facilities." Nor was it much fun for activist Abbie Hoffman, allegedly high on LSD, who took to the stage uninvited to pontificate during The Who's set—"I think this is a pile of shit while (White Panther Party founder) John Sinclair rots in prison"—and whose head was swiftly introduced to the headstock of Pete Townsend's guitar. Ouch. For others, the event became a cultural touchstone. Festival organizer/The Road To Woodstock author Michael Lang reflects, "During a time of great challenges in America...a sense of possibility and hope was born and spread around the globe. The spirit embraced at Woodstock continues to grow." As does the intrigue and legacy surrounding the event. Woodstock: A 50 Year Celebration features Anthony Aquarius Mystery: A Jimi Hendrix Tribute, The Who Experience and Creedence and Company—is at the Rialto Theatre... Meanwhile, Club Congress celebrates Woodstock on the plaza with the likes of Katie Haverly, Little Cloud, Sqwrl, Gabe Kubanda, Jeremy Cashman, Silver Cloud Express, Miss Olivia, Pete Fine and Katherine Byrnes covering Joni Mitchell, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Sebastian, CSN, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin... Rock 'n' roll with swagger? Led by dynamic frontman/guitarist Josh Kennedy, Tempe's The Black Moods "Say It For the Last Time." At The Rock. Backed by Alien Atmosphere... In a Rabelaisian celebration of liberation from restraint and societal dogma, under the stewardship of Tucson Libertine League's Lola Torch, Reveal: A Debut of Burlesque Performances unveils itself at 191 Toole... The World's Only Heavy Metal Tribute to the Material Girl, Mastodonna will take you far beyond the "Borderline." Celebrate Madonna's 61st birthday at Club Congress... Bearing No Cross, No Crown, hardcore/metallists Corrosion of Conformity, on a quest to believe, answer a call to the void. At Encore. With Crowbar... Enjoy jazz in the glorious twilight, outdoors. This installment of Friday Night Live! Free Concert Series finds saxophonist/composer Mike Moynihan's Purple Spectre pushing boundaries at Main Gate Square...

Saturday, Aug. 17

Tucson Weekly and Tucson Electric Power present Woofstock: One Day of Peace, Music and Pets. This dog-friendly concert features epic performances by Leila Lopez as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Joe Novelli as Jimi Hendrix, Keli and The Big Dream as Jefferson Airplane, Johnny Zapp & Paul West as The Band, Ice-9 as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Canned Heat, Southbound Pilot as Janis Joplin, Greyhound Soul as Richie Havens and The Wayback Machine as The Grateful Dead. At the Kino Sports Complex North Stadium... Reggae Against Hunger finds ZeeCeeKeely, Petey and Zoe of Phoenix's Kill Babylon Coalition performing an acoustic set, The New Current, Jay Lava and Gonzo of Rilen'Out spreading irie vibes and collecting canned goods for the community. With live painting by Keri Ercolini. At Irene's Holy Donuts... For those not holding tickets, your chance to catch indie/folk stalwarts Calexico and Iron & Wine present their latest, Years to Burn (Sub Pop, 2019), just got slimmer. The show at the Rialto Theatre has sold out... Sarah Catherine hosts Vamp: Bible Study. Dixon DuMay, Grandma Steven, Brookeback Mountain and others perform in this drag extravaganza... Alt/indie/ambient trio Moontrax and Phoenix rockers Panic Baby are at Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. DJ Resonance spins... Performing on tiny keyboards, musical instruments and non-instruments both variegated and amusing—Thøger Lund, Dimitri Manos and Jeff GrubicSRS (Spontaneous Response Squadron) explore ambient improvisation at Exo Bar... Dance afterhours? Nite Lite sees DJs Atom Energy, Malice and Cactus keeping the EDM bangin' until the dawn, literally. At Solar Culture...

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Justin Hayward

Sunday, Aug. 18

"Once upon a time, in your wildest dreams." The voice of The Moody Blues, Rock Walk Hall of Famer Justin Hayward, draws material from his near 50-year career. At the Fox Theatre. Acclaimed fingerstyle guitarist Mike Dawes opens the show... "My one goal is to bring motherfuckers together with this music, enjoy the vibes and stay golden." Hip hop/rap artists Natho x $inclair, RJ, 9Boys, Desertclan and Rated R emerge from the loam. Underground Rising at Club Congress. Positive Satan x Based Hoezer supply the beats...

Monday, Aug 19

This indie rocker's latest, Showboat Honey (Sub Pop, 2019), reflects a certain sturm und drang. "This is basically an album centered around bad luck and good fortune hitting at the same time," Kyle Craft explains. "Then, out of nowhere, I find love. Everything went to shit except that. I guess that's how life works." Bringing the nightmare full circle, Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey show off their best "Broken Mirror Pose" at 191 Toole. Flanked by The Logan Greene Whatever and Fever Few... Despite the weight of bearing The Burden of Hope, these instrumental experimentalists Take Refuge In Clean Living. Sounding something akin to Ravi Shankar and Hawkwind collaborating to score the Blade Runner soundtrack, Portland's Grails are at Club Congress...

Tuesday, Aug. 20

In 2010, Oregon native, guitarist/singer Matthew Paige moved to Nashville and hooked up with drummer Zach Murphy. They performed as a duo, surviving on "Potatoes and Whiskey" until the present powerhouse quartet coalesced. The Blackfoot Gypsies aim to take their swamp blues cool, downhome hillbilly funk with a light Mott the Hoople sear To The Top (Plowboy Records, 2017). At 191 Toole... In Yoruba, she is the mother of African sweet waters. Indie soul/hip-hop divas Oshun connect with their ancestral spirits to transmorph into the embodiment of Afrofuturism. At Club Congress...

Wednesday, Aug 21

Local alt/indie rockers Divy, More Freaks and The Copper Queens give cause to believe that the luminiferous ether truly exists at Club Congress... Comprised of esteemed cornetist/pianist Dante Rosano, violinist Samantha Bounkeua and guitarist/clarinetist Marco Rosano, Two-Door Hatchback is at once sophisticated—with elements of jazz, classical and thought-provoking lyrics as found in folk storytelling—yet whimsical, if not quirky. At Public Brewhouse...

Thursday, Aug. 22

On her sophomore release, First Flower (Captured Tracks, 2018), this Austin singer-songwriter turns her bleeding-heart lyrics away from romance to stare down her inner anxieties. "I struggle with the anticipation of experiences. I do not have the answers by any means. [The album] is me being transparent." Molly Burch is at 191 Toole. With the melancholic indie-pop of Jackie Cohen and homeboy Brian Lopez... From Queens, this indie rapper's latest project Raw Every Day (R.E.D.) is a clash of aggressive, violent songs juxtaposed with extremely personal and introspective songs. "I didn't approach the project with a specific concept in mind. I wanted to just be as real as possible." Aaron Cohen expands. "I wanted to tell the truth. If I felt angry, I made an angry song. If I felt sad, I made a sad song. If I was feeling like the man, I wrote a song about being the man." "Capitalist" Aaron Cohen spits blood red at Solar Culture. Backed by B.I.G., Amazen, DIAMONDSR8, Young Mob and others...

On The Horizon

Fusing together the sonic fury of rock and the cutting urban wordplay of rap, Mexico City's Molotov have been stepping to their own beat since 1995. Their lyrics—which juxtapose satire and debauchery alongside scathing social commentary—have incited controversy. Politically correct? They have sold over 3 million records being not so. But, what would the world of rap rock be without insulting someone? Tongue-in-cheek humor? You be the judge. On Wednesday, Aug. 28, at the Rialto Theatre... Finally, on Thursday, Aug 29–Sunday, Sept 1, celebrating everything that makes the culture in the borderlands unique, it's HOCO Fest. An annual boutique festival—featuring art installations, pool parties, flea markets, panels/lectures/workshops, culinary tastings, after-parties and more—held in the heart of downtown at Hotel Congress and the city's best venues. The diversity of this year's line-up reflects the vanguard of music today:

Omar Apollo, Ojalá Systems, Ms Nina, Tomasa Del Real, Gate Creeper, Candy, Show Me The Body, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, XIXA, Vox Urbana, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Dana Dentata, Bill Callahan, Injury Reserve, Emo Nite LA y un chingo mas. See hocofest.com for all the details...

Until next week, XOXO...

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