XOXO: The Paladins

A chat with Dave Gonzalez

In advance of their Tucson appearance, XOXO reached out to The Paladin's guitarist Dave Gonzalez for a chat.

Dave, what's new with The Paladins?

Our new album, New World. It is our first new album in 15 years! All original songs. It actually came out at the end of last year and we've had a real good run. We're proud of all these new songs. New World has brought a new life to the band.

I attended the show last time you came through town. It was a barnburner. What can fans look forward to at the show on Dec. 7 at El Casino Ballroom?

The El Casino is a very special place. And to us. That was where we played some of our best—and biggest—early shows, when we first started traveling to The Old Pueblo. We are so glad to come back. We plan on totally rockin' the house!

What is on the horizon musically for you and your work with The Paladins?

The release of the album has brought many offers to tour again. We have a bunch of festivals/tours lined up for next year in Europe, USA and Australia. So, we're looking forward to spreading the news from the New World, and that is, that The Paladins are still alive and still rockin'.

The Southern Arizona Blues Heritage Foundation presents Winter Blues Bash featuring The Paladins. Plus, Tucson's uncanny axe-men square off in The Blues Guitar Rumble featuring Ed Delucia, Michael P., Mitzi Cowell, Mike Hebert and Koko Matsumoto. Friday, Dec. 7, at the historic El Casino Ballroom.

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