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Dallon Weekes
Dallon Weekes

Singer/songwriter/musician Dallon Weekes began demoing songs on downtime, during his years spent touring as a member of Panic! at the Disco, with no particular end. After enlisting former bandmate Ryan Seaman (The Brobecks) to lay down fierce drum tracks on what would become double A-side single "Choke" and "Do It All the Time"—accruing a staggering 5.7 million YouTube hits and 5.3 million Spotify streams—I Don't Know How But They Found Me was born.

XOXO caught up with Weekes for a brief Q&A.

How does iDKHOW differ from your previous projects The Brobecks and Panic! at the Disco?

The Brobecks never really had the opportunity to be successful. Which is fine. I feel like everything played out the way it was supposed to.

I was impressed at how full iDKHOW's live sound is. How do two guys create such a big sound?

Backing tracks help us bulk everything up during a live show. We hope to be able to add some more live musicians in the future, but for now, keeping things inexpensive is the name of the game.

I love "Choke." What was the inspiration behind the passive-aggressive lyrics?

"Choke" was inspired by the toxic aspects of L.A./entertainment business culture. As for the passive aggressiveness, I think I just have a knack for it. I feel like it's better than actually being aggressive/violent.

Now that the new EP, 1981 (Fearless Records), is out what is on the horizon for iDKHOW?

More shows and more songs... We can't wait for either!

iDKHOW tore through 191 Toole on Wednesday, Nov. 28 supporting Waterparks. Check out "Do It All the Time" video:

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