Wrapping Up the TAMMIES

Thanks to everyone involved with last week's Tucson Area Music Awards (aka TAMMIES) show and ceremony.

I must confess: I missed the event. (Please forgive me; I'd made out-of-town plans before the TAMMIES date was set, and I'm pretty sure it was the first TAMMIES I've missed out of the seven I've been around for—I swear!) However, everyone I've spoken with who was there said a fine time was had by all. In fact, the praise for the event leaves me with mixed feelings: happiness that the event went so well, and disappointment that I wasn't there to join in the fun.

In the center of the print edition (and online at TAMMIES.com), you can find the TAMMIES winners' list, as well as features on all the big winners, including Tucson Music Hall of Fame inductee Calexico. Also, if you missed the event or want to relive it, check out the videos taken by Sean Fitzpatrick at www.youtube.com/TucsonWeeklyTV. Please enjoy.

And again ... thanks to all involved—including Jeb Schoonover, Dave Slutes, the Rialto's Curtis McCrary, Jill A'Hearn, Stephen Seigel, James Werner, the bands/musicians who performed, the musicians who were TAMMIES winners and finalists, the critics who voted and the readers who voted. We don't make any money on the TAMMIES, really; we do it because we want to support local music, and feel that the local music community deserves it. Stephen Seigel said it best a couple of weeks ago when he wrote: "None of this would be possible without the hundreds of local bands and musicians who provide us with world-class entertainment, week in and week out, often for little recognition. The TAMMIES is our way of saluting and thanking them."

So, one final time (until next year) ... thank you.

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