Work Miracles

Welcome to this week's edition of the Tucson Weekly. It's something of a miracle that it's gotten to you. (At least I hope it's gotten to you.)

It's just been one of those weeks. The production department is short-handed this week, yet they have extra work (i.e., Best of TucsonTM ads, etc.). The same thing goes for our circulation and advertising departments. Half of our four-person editorial staff has been battling illness this week. Our arts editor was on vacation, and our music editor--as I type this--is dealing with major computer problems. (He works from home.)

Yet we'll get the issue out. We always do.

Of course, we're far from the only people who deal with crap like this at work. Example: The Circle K I stop at for coffee sometimes on the way to work is currently being remodeled, meaning the poor clerks get to deal with noise, dust and a store that looks like a bomb hit it.

We've all had periods of adversity at work. And to those of you who have plowed forward and--seemingly miraculously--finished what you've needed to get done in spite of it all: congratulations, and good work. We salute you.

· In other news ... next week's the week many of you have been waiting for. Best of TucsonTM 20 comes out. And the week after that, we'll have all the information on our Fall Club CrawlTM. And if it has a TM in it, you know it's gotta be good!

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