Wolf Redux

Check out the special section of letters to the editor regarding our Aug. 14 cover story, "Howling Mad," by Leo W. Banks.

I am alarmed by the tone of some of these letters. Not to mince words--some of them are hateful and prejudiced.

Ranchers, they say using blanket statements, are liars. Ranchers, they say, are inventing fanciful tales. There's no way a wolf--not afraid of humans because they were raised around people, and hungry because they were reintroduced in the middle of a drought--could attack a person or a healthy cow.

Some of the letters also bring up good points--one, in particular, mentions that we did not report on a workshop, held in April, regarding how to benefit from the wolves' presence through tourism.

And that brings me to my point: Such hateful rhetoric, displayed in some of these letters (and displayed by some of the ranchers mentioned in the story) is not going to get anyone anywhere. Ranchers and environmentalists need to work together--or at least act reasonably and rationally--if the wolf reintroduction effort and the economic health of Southeastern Arizona has a prayer.

Environmentalists can't hate all ranchers. And ranchers can't hate all environmentalists. That's prejudice--irrational and unfair as any other form of blanket prejudice.


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