What New Year's resolutions are people making?

We asked a few Tucsonans to share

My resolutions are the following (in no particular order): to conquer Mount Wrightson (with my new puppy!); to finally learn to make purogi, my family's traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner; to make it to Oregon wine country and indulge in the lovely pinot noir that I keep reading (and dreaming) about!

Sarah Beal
Public relations manager, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

For 2007, I am resolved to pursuing the life of my cats: sleep all day, play all night, purr when petted and demand high-quality food. I will learn to play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on my musical saw and reduce my 11 screen names down to one. Being a realist, that is about all I can hope for!

Elaine Schramm
Access Tucson, KXCI andWomanKraft boards of directors

Here are a few resolutions I have for 2007: Finally record my CD, learn to speak Spanish, work less and earn more, travel abroad, make a difference.

Joe "Nelly" DeLauro

My New Year's resolutions for 2007 are to get my World Harmony: Can It Happen? TV program (which is dedicated to creating more human harmony and peace in our world) on the radio, too; to lose weight; and to become a more effective reader.

Stuart Thomas
Talk-show host and producer, World Harmony: Can It Happen?

I resolve to sit and wait. I resolve to eat fewer potato chips. I resolve to respect other people's choice to drive around in automobiles.

Bill Mackey
Artist, architect, owner of the Monkey Box

Good health for all those I love, including CC, my 14-year-old cat.

Bill Buckmaster
Arizona Illustrated anchor

Shower more often.

Stacey Richter
Local author

Get home in one piece.

Republican state Rep. Jonathan Paton
Army reserve member who has been deployed to Iraq

To get my computer working for more than two weeks.

Tucson City Councilman Steve Leal

To find lots of foster homes and to adopt more greyhounds in permanent, loving homes.

The members of Arizona Greyhound Rescue

I know I personally resolve to lose another five pounds. My original resolution was to initiate a torrid affair with Anderson Cooper, but the former seems more likely at this point.

Paul Brown
UA journalism student

My New Year's resolution is to stop installing video cameras in men's restrooms.

Degas Lopez
Law office supervisor

My New Year's resolution is to use a higher wattage of light bulb.

Stella Lopez
Assistant to the rector at St. Philip's in the Hills Episcopal Church

Simply this: Let the criminal justice system in Pima County beware, because next year some of your big players are going to go to prison. It's real simple.

Roy Warden
Flag-burning activist

After Jan. 1, I resolve not to smoke in Tucson bars.

Max Cannon
Author of "Red Meat"

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