We've Touched a Nerve

Some things worth noting this week:

• In this week's Guest Commentary section, we're running a response to our recent election-integrity coverage from Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry. You'll also note that the commentary is a smidge longer than normal: We usually run pieces that are about 725 words long, and this one comes in at almost 3,400 words.

We're running this both to be fair and to get a variety of information out there concerning this extremely important issue. As for the specifics of Huckelberry's response (which can be found in all its glory at the TW blog) ... well, all I'll say is this: We fully, completely and unapologetically stand behind our previous coverage.

The election-integrity activists also got a copy of Huckelberry's guest commentary, and Bill Risner--the lawyer for the Pima County Democratic Party who was the spoon that started stirring things up--sent a response to it. That, too, can be found at blog.tucsonweekly.com.

Of course, as the election-integrity story develops further, we'll be following it.

• On a completely different note ... if you're on MySpace or Facebook, be sure to become either a friend (MySpace) or a fan (Facebook) of the Tucson Weekly. We have not done much with our respective pages in recent months, but that's going to change soon. Check it out! Be our friend/fan!

• Finally, if you're interested in being a Tucson Weekly intern--and you can receive school credit for the internship--drop me a line soon, as we'll be selecting our spring-semester interns in no time. The e-mail address you'll want to put in the "To" line is jboegle@tucsonweekly.com.

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