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Some brief yet informative tidbits this week:

• For those of you who only read the dead-tree version of this here newspaper: Have you seen what we've been doing lately on The Range, our daily dispatch, at TucsonWeekly.com?

We've been doing a recap of the stuff we've been placing on The Range in our Weekly Wide Web column, but that recap has been just touching the surface. Last week alone, Jim Nintzel was all over breaking news in terms of political announcements (who's running, who's not, etc.); Adam Borowitz checked in with food news (including the fact that business has doubled at Lindy's on Fourth since the place was featured on the Travel Channel's Man V. Food); Irene Messina filled folks in on KXCI FM 91.3's Martin Luther King Jr. Day plans; and Gustavo Arellano returned with his video version of ¡Ask a Mexican!

We're posting anywhere from two to six entries on most days. In other words, the Weekly is now a daily. Sorta.

Check it out. Good stuff!

• If you don't have time to go to The Range, consider becoming a fan of the Tucson Weekly on Facebook, or a follower of us on Twitter. Nick the Web Producer has been sending out juicy bits of news through the social-networking sites to all of our friends/fans/followers on a regular basis.

• Save the date! Spring Club Crawl® will be held on Saturday, April 17. Have a question? Contact Jeb Schoonover at 795-1420 or clubcrawl@yahoo.com.

The October Club Crawl® brought an estimated 14,000 people downtown. More good stuff!

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