Weeks Like This

A few things worth noting ...

· Check out Michael Tisserand's "City of the Dead" in this week's Currents. As you may recall from last week's Guest Commentary, Michael is the editor of Gambit Weekly, New Orleans' alternative newsweekly. Well, "City of the Dead" and last week's commentary are the start of what has turned out to be a regular series of reported columns by Michael, commissioned by the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. We'll be running his pieces as space allows in the Currents section over the next couple of months; regardless of space in the printed version, we'll be publishing his columns in our online Currents section each week.

This week's piece almost had me in tears (granted, I know Michael, but still ...), and you won't want to miss it. Check it out.

· Weeks like this make me nervous.

By "weeks like this," I am talking about weeks when there is a LOT going on in Tucson, yet we have a tight paper, and as a result, we end up having to cut a bunch of listings out of the printed version. And as for why it makes me nervous ... well, this means we usually have to deal with a resulting bunch of cranky phone calls from people wondering why their organizations' listings didn't get in, etc., etc.

This is a fine time to remind everyone that our City Week listings are a public service, and inclusion is free, but not guaranteed. Check out tucsonweekly.com for our complete listings database.

· Finally, the finishing touches are being placed on the much-anticipated Best of Tucson® 19. It hits the streets in two weeks, on Sept. 29. Mark your calendars!

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