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Internet Impersonation

It appears that H.B. 2004, proposed by Dist. 23 State Rep. Michelle Ugenti, which would have made it a felony for people to impersonate people using social media accounts - though the language of the bill was noticeably unclear regarding parody accounts, despite claims from Ugenti that parody accounts were not her chief concern - has died.

This is a good thing, if only because it means that ridiculous parody accounts (@rubbingugently, @fakeazdailystar, @fakeseanmiller, etc.) can still exist without fear of reprisal—though in @fakeazdailystar's case, they might want to continue watching their back for fear of Lee Enterprises not appreciating the joke.

Still, as much as I love good parody accounts, novelty social media accounts and Tumblr pages focused on absurd things (such as my recent Tumblog idea, "Reviews of Inanimate Objects on My Desk"), some of these things are getting...weird.

I kinda hate to keep picking on it, but the Twitter account @thehistorybook (and its parodic brother, @yaboybillnye) is among the worst goddamn things I've ever seen that didn't involve graphic depictions of violence. It features stupid, crass, racist tweets from historically important human beings - because what's funnier than Martin Luther King Jr. ripping off Lil Wayne lyrics?

And things are only getting more concerning, with the advent of lemmetweetthatforyou.com, which creates a near-facsimile of what an embedded tweet looks like, using the name and profile information (picture included) of real Twitter accounts, making it appear that someone has published something that they didn't actually publish - and in a media world in which people tend to post first and ask questions later, that's a hell of a way to not only assassinate character, but a way to generate hoaxes like California wildfires.

That said, I don't believe that H.B. 2004 should still be kicking around the chambers of the state legislature - but the fact that these things do tend to roll around makes me so damn sad.

Parody is great when it's smart, funny and calls attention to an actual issue - take The Onion, for example - but so much of what is considered parody and satire these days is nothing more than ham-fisted vulgarity draped in a veil of humor.

That's not parody. That's trolling. And like Abraham Lincoln once said, trolls fucking suck.

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Comment of the Week

"Dr Funkenberry is a known insider to the Prince and NPG camp. He does not post or leak rumors; only solid confirmed information. Your snarky frustrations with the purple one shouldn't drag Dr Funkenberry's name down."- TucsonWeekly.com commenter "Courtney Tavernit," who takes her inside sources to Prince and the New Power Generation very, very seriously. ("It Looks Like Prince is Coming to Tempe," We Got Cactus, March 21).

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