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We're running an animated GIF contest, in part because we want to celebrate the city that we love—and in part because we dig animated GIFs.

For some strange reason, GIFs have been making a comeback in recent years, despite the fact that they're short; they can choke bandwidth; and they lack sound. Yet something about the way in which they can convey information, beauty and/or humor in short, looping bursts makes them emblematic of today's instant streaming Internet.

I mean, what's more instantaneous than getting directly to the funniest, most-impactful part of a video without having to click a play button? This way, I don't have to sit through 15 seconds of build-up waiting for a cat to rear back on its hind legs and dance, nor do I need to wait around for the Toronto Raptors mascot to flail about on rollerblades before landing snout-first on the hardwood of a basketball court.

But the coolest GIFs as of late have come from the rise of Cinemagraphs, where creators take an image and animate one aspect of it, looping it together seamlessly to create an illusion of video where there is none—the image of a woman's skirt ruffling in the wind, or of a taxi seen in a reflection, driving past a café window.

Those are the kinds of things we want to see, Tucson: the beauty of a breeze blowing through the trees on Mount Lemmon; the simple pleasure of people enjoying drinks in downtown's outdoor establishments; the humor of the various denizens of Fourth Avenue; or even a clip of Wildcat athletes doing something amazing (or embarrassing).

We want it all, Tucson: the beauty, the glory, the humor and the absurdity. Send us your best by clicking on the "Contests" link on TucsonWeekly.com. And remember: We've got prizes waiting for you, so show us your GIFs!

The Week on our Blogs

On The Range, we shared a terrifying story about the beef industry; watched a new episode of Web series Hopped Up; got hyped up for The Hobbit with Portland's bagpiping, unicycling Gandalf the Grey; noted the new executive director of Wingspan, Carol Grimsby; gave you a few reasons why the modern streetcar might actually help downtown businesses; acknowledged our insignificance compared to Google and Facebook on the Internet map; started playing games of Letterpress; freaked out about Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, coming to Centennial Hall; announced our animated GIF contest; and so much more!

On We Got Cactus, we reveled in the magic of DMX's "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" interpretation; got excited about the Fleetwood Mac show coming to Phoenix; took five to lament the death of Dave Brubeck; congratulated Jason Willis' inclusion into the Sundance Film Festival; watched terrible holiday videos; cancelled everything to buy tickets for Purple Reign; and more!

Comment of the Week

"GOODTYMEZ WERE HAD BY all!!!! I shud no, i am BlazinBill, The BASS PLAYER for 'BAD TOWNE.' Good show guys. Thank u to ALL THAT CAME out 2 c the bandz."

TucsonWeekly.com user "Bill Tully" thanks fans for coming out to the show featuring Funky Bonz, Hillbilly Bo, Heart Attack Shack and Bad Towne on Thursday, Nov. 10, in a way that only he can (Live music listing, Nov. 10).

Best of WWW

Jimmy Boegle's review of Main Gate Square's The Fix last week wasn't an evisceration by any means, but to say that it was positive would be incorrect. Comments sprinkled in, with a few nodding their heads, and a few telling him he's wrong.

Then came a deluge of comments wondering why the Weekly is tearing down local businesses etc.

Interestingly, all of them came from the same IP address.

Don't do that, folks. If you have something to say, say it from one username and one email address. We'll respect you for that, and we'll leave your disagreement to shine on in perpetuity—unlike the critiques mentioned above, which have been pulled.

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