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Election (Red and) Blues

This time of year always tends to bring about mixed emotions for me.

My birthday falls during the first week of November, leading to a celebration that includes both fantastic whiskey and discount Halloween candy. However, the party is often followed by a tinge of emptiness—both because the Halloween candy is gone, and because there's a strange silence in the air following the close of election season.

But this year, considering that this is my first year as part of a well-known publication, I'm not going to be missing the nonstop political blitz in which I've been enveloped. Even when I've been looking to relax from the nonstop grind of blogging about how uninformed voters will swing the election, I can't escape the election. It's been a constant barrage of banner ads, pop-ups and emails, all telling me that the candidates from every political race ever are minions of Satan himself.

Even browsing sites that one could imagine would be safe—such as anything on the I Can Has Cheezburger? network (a depository of ridiculous images from all over the World Wide Web)—has brought me pictures of "Smear Campaign Poop Bags," for cleaning up pet waste. CollegeHumor and its sister sites such as Jest weren't safe havens, either. Worse, they fell flat with terribly executed "comedy" videos. I mean, c'mon: How can you screw up joking about infants being behind instant polling results?

While I'll be missing the ease that political blogging brings to my job ("Wait, another Republican is making comments about rape? And that Democrat just compared who to Stalin? Hell, I'll have the blog set by lunch today!"), I'm looking forward to not staring at Smilin' Jeff Flake's mug telling me every time I check my email that Richard Carmona hates women.

This Week on our Blogs

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Comment of the Week

"Martha McSally, madam, you are NO Gabrielle Giffords. You might have championed women's rights on the flight line, but you can just stay the hell out of my vagina."

TucsonWeekly.com user "SonoranWinds" offers an opinion of Martha McSally's self-comparison to Gabrielle Giffords ("CD2: Gabby Pushes Back Against McSally's Claims to Be Her True Heir," The Range, Nov. 3.)

Best of WWW

While Martha McSally's claims to be Gabby's successor (see The Skinny, Nov. 1, and Gabby's refutation of her claims at "CD2: Gabby Pushes Back Against McSally's Claims to Be Her True Heir," The Range, Nov. 3) brought some interesting back and forth from our readers, my favorite exchange came from Jim Nintzel's post "Political Roundtable: Eve of Election Edition" (The Range, Nov. 2), when TucsonWeekly.com user "FoMo Bret Linden" asked: "So why no discussion of the Saucedo-Mercer/Grijalva race?" The question was swiftly handled by TucsonWeekly.com user "DRW" and his response: "'cause it's not a race about which there is any reasonable doubt." Saucedo-Mercer's legacy, until future notice, is that of a bad punch line to a worse joke. Sorry, Bret, but that's the reality of things.

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