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By the time this issue hits the streets, I'll have left my job here as Web Producer (and to recap last week's column, I'm aware that no one cares), so it's a perfect time to recap my favorite posts (in no particular order) to The Range:

"Strange Euro-American Family Band Sings Anti-Bed Wetting Track," March 4, 2011: This isn't exactly hard-hitting journalism, but someone shared the Kelly Family's "Pee Pee" on Facebook, a stirring pop song about not urinating in your own bed, and I had to share it with my little corner of the world. Also, it seems worth noting that the patriarch of the Kelly clan takes his fashion cues from Gandalf.

"If You Needed Another Reason to Hate ASU," April 21, 2011: This isn't a great post, but it does mark the first time I used the phrase "Girls Gone Wild University and Casino" to refer to Arizona State. I really hoped that moniker would catch on. Perhaps there's still time.

"Frank Antenori Wants Your Help to Make Important Decisions," June 16, 2011: Frank Antenori (who doesn't seem to respond to my tweets anymore, even though I am a Republican voter in his district) puts up a Facebook poll; I add an option suggesting he move from the state; that option takes the lead; Frank takes down the poll.

• Everything else (tie): It's really been a lot of fun. Thanks to Jimmy and the Tucson Weekly staff for the opportunity. I'll honestly miss this place tons.

The week on The Range

We followed up on the private-prisons controversy; read some terrible religious textbooks; asked people to stop pretending they're constitutional scholars, at least as far as the First Amendment goes; kept track of the medical-marijuana dispensary-certificate sweepstakes; went to the Jared Loughner competency hearing; and watched a special edition of the Political Roundtable with two of the Republicans looking to succeed Ann Day—Stuart McDaniel and Mike Hellon—with your host, Jim Nintzel.

We poured out some of our Americano for the closing of Safehouse Espresso Bar; looked forward to the Japanese street food to be offered by Umi Star on Campbell Avenue; previewed the renovated Fat Greek restaurant by the UA; previewed the new Park Place location of Total Wine; recapped the changes as Tucson's Sunflower Farmers Markets became Sprouts locations; tried to solve the mystery of what's happening with the former Vaudeville Cabaret space; got thirsty for the chocolate-milk stout forthcoming from Ten Fifty-Five Brew Works; let you know that the midtown Vero Amore is moving; and made plans to try out the new restaurant from the 47 Scott team.

We wondered why KOLD Channel 13 can't shoot its own footage instead of stealing from TucsonVelo.com; went to see a photo retrospective of the Mexican-American studies battle; tried to act surprised when we found out people on Google want to know why Arizona is so hot and racist; shared the six songs that define our lives; suggested you check out The Dreaming at Knockouts; watched Eric and Arnie from Heroes and Villains play with toys; wished a happy birthday to Caetano Veloso and wistfully thought of the late singer/songwriter Elliott Smith; spread the news that being bald in Tucson is just swell; and patted ourselves on the back for winning the Best Blog Initiatives honor from the Local Media Association.

Comment of the week

"The only thing positive Arizona could do for America is SECEDE. Personally, I think it would be a hoot to see this happen and watch all the haters turn on each other, which is exactly what would happen."

TucsonWeekly.com commenter "Bob Regan" looks forward to the day when Arizona is a sovereign nation ("Yes, Everyone Thinks Arizona's Hot, Racist and Crazy," The Range, Aug. 10).

Best of WWW

It's late notice, we realize, but if you're seeing this on Thursday or early Friday, head to our website to register to win tickets to the Lost '80s show on Saturday night at AVA. We're giving away a pair of general-admission tickets to the concert, which features eight acts any child of the 1980s will certainly remember with some nostalgic fondness, including John Waite (who still ain't missing you at all), a fancy-haircut-less Flock of Seagulls, the Escape Club, and others. At Weekly Wide Web headquarters, we're particularly excited to see Animotion, who essentially have one song (1984's "Obsession"), but it's a really, really great song. To enter, go to tucsonweekly.com/tucson/freestuff. Good luck!

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