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Thank You, YouTube

This might be surprising to those who follow my pop-culture-obsessed posts on The Range, but the Gibson family recently made the decision to get rid of cable.

While this has made it slightly more difficult to watch some of the television shows we enjoy, it hasn't been the awful morass of boredom that I had anticipated, partially because we found other things to do (strange, I know)—but also because of the wealth of TV entertainment available on the Internet.

Not that anyone will likely care but me, but there's a wealth of British-game-show episodes uploaded to YouTube, and it's like I have my own trivia-nerd cable channel to enjoy. Plus, since we have an Xbox 360, we (actually, it's just me and whatever family member I can rope into watching The Chase) can watch these fine shows streaming on our TV.

The larger point, other than I probably need to get a life, is that cable and satellite companies should learn that consumers no longer really need their product.

This week, Microsoft announced more content providers, including the NBA, are coming to their console, so I might not ever go back to TV. Who would have thought that bundling a lot of crap together that people don't want and charging more and more would backfire?

The week on The Range

We looked forward to Gabrielle Giffords' appearance at a concert this weekend benefiting Ron Barber's campaign; tried to understand what happened in San Diego that required City Councilman Paul Cunningham to divulge that he has "some personal issues"; shared the tweet of one (former?) politician who knows something about personal issues; noted that you might want to make sure your security system is tuned up; and discussed the highlights of the week's political events with Jeff Rogers and Sam Stone on Arizona Illustrated's Political Roundtable, with your host, Jim Nintzel. (You might consider supporting during KUAT Channel 6's membership drive this week, too.)

We looked at a new cookbook which features recipes from local food trucks; made plans to try a new restaurant near Weekly World Central; noted a few new chain-restaurant locations coming to town; let you know you can get some food from The B-Line via bicycle now; wistfully remembered the Easy-Bake Oven; and (not so) eagerly awaited our opportunity to purchase a Mtn Dew A.M. (their spelling, not ours) at Taco Bell.

One of our summer interns traveled into the world of local antique stores; we scratched our head at the genetic aberration known as the Ducken; scrubbed our skin until it hurt after reading about how disgusting public pools can be; watched a beautiful time-lapse film; skipped lunch after reading a series of news items about cannibalism; thought a bit about Mad Men, birth control and the recent "war on women"; delved into the world of sports conspiracy theories; tried to understand why Rebecca Black has an interest in the Mexican presidential election; watched animated ponies act out the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald; enjoyed outtakes from the recent Muppet movie; announced a job opening to coach hockey at the UA; and listened to the new Edward Sharpe album.

Comment of the week

"His name is Dakin Matthews. He played a judge on General Hospital (which I don't watch), and he was on Gilmore Girls (which I watched religiously). ... Now I can sleep at night."

—Tom Danehy follows up on which character actor Ron Barber reminds him of, and reveals his love of charming mother-daughter stories that once aired on The WB (Danehy, May 31).

Best of WWW

With the whole early-voting-by-mail thing, some elections have become strangely anti-climatic—but this Tuesday, June 12, we'll be all over the results of the special election to fill Gabrielle Giffords' vacated seat in the House of Representatives. Yes, we'll have the results as soon as they're available, but we'll also be at the candidate events happening that night, with Jim Nintzel at the Ron Barber event, and Mari Herreras with Jesse Kelly and company. We'll be there with the perspective, background and possibly even humor that you expect from the Tucson Weekly.

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