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Olympics FAIL

I've been avoiding NBC's sappy Olympic coverage; I happen to prefer Vancouver news in the form of viral videos and quick checks of the medal table.

The first nontragic viral video from these Olympics provides a lesson in what not to do if you've got your hands on something everyone wants to see.

After U.S. snowboarder Shaun White finished his gold-medal run, he performed the near-impossible Double McTwist 1260 as a victory trick. In nonlingo terms, a Double McTwist 1260 involves grabbing your board while spinning around 3 1/2 times in mid-air.

I should be able to type "shaun white mctwist" into Google and then see the video. But I can't.

The International Olympics Committee disabled the YouTube version of the video, citing a copyright claim. NBC.com said it had the video, but I had to download a special player to see it, and once that was installed, the site said the video could not be found.

While I'm sure the video exists somewhere online, who wants to spend more than five minutes looking for it?

In contrast, on TucsonWeeklyTV, you can see Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announce that Tucson will be getting $63 million in stimulus funding for the downtown streetcar project. Within three hours of the start of his speech, we had it online and ready to watch. Admittedly, this is (far) less amazing than the McTwist video, but the fact that nearly all the video's traffic came in the hours after we posted it shows that like a carton of milk, most online videos have a very limited shelf life before they start to sour, interest-wise.


This week, TucsonWeeklyTV devotees will get a special treat: the launch of our brand-new video page.

There, you can find not only all of our self-produced videos; you can also check out all of the other videos from our Web site (movie trailers, Arizona Illustrated clips, etc.) in one place.

Click on the TucsonWeeklyTV button on the home page, or go to TucsonWeeklyTV.com to get started.


"Next time you hear the earth-shaking, ear-splitting noise from one of the F-16s or F-22s from Tucson's Davis-Monthan airbase, look up and consider that the newest Air Force plane will make four times that amount of noise. Notice the full complement of armaments strapped to the underside of that plane ... all capable of reducing much of Tucson to a large hole in the ground."

TucsonWeekly.com user Dr. Richard E Dale in response to the Feb. 18 Guest Commentary.

"For all who speak negatively concerning jet noise, you have your freedom due to the men and women flying and maintaining those aircraft. MOVE!"

TucsonWeekly.com user RAM, in response to the same column.


We brought you the first ever tag-team appearance of John McCain and Jon Kyl on Arizona Illustrated; showed you J.D. Hayworth's softer McCain attack ad; shared City Councilmember Rodney Glassman's exploratory Web site for a possible U.S. Senate run; broke the "shocking" news of the end of the city recall campaign; and correctly predicted that Tucson would be the recipient of $63 million in sweet, sweet stimulus money for the downtown streetcar project.

We also posted a sneak peak video of KUAT Channel 6's profile of Calexico; showed you a clip of two people fighting in a newsroom (not ours, by the way); gave you the inside scoop on a recent visit to the UA by David Hasselhoff; offered up the Hoopleville take on the Olympics; and presented an update on the impending sale of the East Valley Tribune to the owner of Oro Valley's Explorer newspaper.

From our Red Planet Watch desk, we posted shots from the UA HiRISE camera of Mars' Mojave Crater, the Arabia Terra region and the gullies of Terra Sirenum. This week's Artistic Range featured work by Shinsuke Higuchi (at M3 Engineering and Technology), Paula Taylor (at Zoe Boutique) and Kate Breakey (at Etherton Gallery).


Arizona Rep. Olivia Cajero-Bedford (D-27) explains her opposition to energy-efficient light bulbs: They make it hard to put on makeup. "It comes down to aesthetics verses environment. Speaking for women, I think there are going to be a lot of unhappy women with these light bulbs."
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