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Football and Vibrators

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We here at the Weekly Wide Web don't often deal in "final scores" or "facts," so we were happy to shut off the UA-Oregon football game while the Wildcats were ahead in the fourth quarter. Needless to say, the double-overtime loss was frustrating and unbelievable.

While a case could be made that Wildcats kicker Alex Zendejas' botched 24-yard field-goal attempt ultimately ruined the game for Arizona, I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of fan Roger Chilcoat, who was sitting in Section 32, Seat 5, and who, at a critical moment during the second overtime, decided it would be a better idea to rush the hot dog stand instead of helping cheer on the home team. We're watching you, Chilcoat.

And that's why this week's video focuses on stuff that happened before the game.

While many of you watched the game, either in person or on TV, most of you didn't see the all-day pre-game festivities on the UA mall, where ESPN's College GameDay paid a visit. For those not in the know, GameDay goes on the road each week to broadcast live from one big college game site. As this was the first time the Arizona football team was picked for, well, anything, the live broadcast drew thousands of people to the university area.

One of the gimmicks of GameDay is that co-host Lee Corso selects his pick to win the game by donning that team's mascot head. A word to the wise: When you wear a giant duck head in front of thousands of screaming Wildcats fans, it's unlikely that you'll get a lot of cheers.

And now on to something that has nothing to do with football: a film being shown at the UA's Gallagher Theater next week called Passion and Power: The Technology of Orgasm.

No, this isn't Mel Gibson's Passion and Power. Instead, this movie focuses on the history of the vibrator—yes, those vibrators—and the technology of the orgasm. If you need further explanation, you may want to check out the trailer on the "favorites" page of YouTube.com/TucsonWeeklyTV before you see the movie.

We hear this project is also going to be adapted into a puppet show. Now there's an episode of Sesame Street destined for the "censored" bin.

If YouTube has taught us anything, it's that the weirder the person, the more popular the video. The Star Wars kid, the Numa Numa guy, the "leave Britney alone!" person ... these all could've been the centerpiece of this week's highlighted video. But we picked something similar, yet different.

Last year, when the 999 Eyes Carnival of the Damned freak show came to town, Tucson got a taste of the strange when sword-swallowers, contortionists and Jackie the Human Tripod celebrated their, um, genetic diversity at Hotel Congress. Twenty months and numerous views later, it's one of our most popular videos on TucsonWeeklyTV.

Comment of the week

"My question is this: Why does Tucson do citywide elections for council? I'm new to Tucson, and this seems strange coming from an area where wards elected their own representatives to reflect their needs and views. In this case, (Steve) Kozachik is actually representing a ward that would prefer NOT to have him as their representative, as he does not reflect their needs and ideals. Thus, they have no real representation now."

—Buck Bannister, via Facebook, in response to "A Divided City: Ward-By-Ward Results From the City Council Election" (The Range, Nov. 18)

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