'Weekly' Resolutions

Well, the calendar says a new year has arrived. I guess that means it's time to make some resolutions.

· We resolve to continue our online innovations in 2007. Last year saw the Tucson Weekly launch a blog. In seven months, about 375 posts from about a dozen contributors saw the light of day. We broke some news; we opined about Battlestar Galactica; we pointed out how utterly lame the Arizona Daily Star's "Thorns and Flowers" can be. All in all, it was a decent effort--considering we launched the blog with literally no budget. In 2007, I hope the blog becomes a must-read for engaged Tucsonans. Also in the works: a redesign of our main Web site and other innovations. Keep your fingers crossed.

· We resolve to keep the paper fresh and lively. In early March, the Weekly will celebrate its 23rd birthday. It will have been three years since our last redesign; we'll be two years away from our 25th anniversary. Within the next several months, we'll start a re-examination of the paper and its strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to keep improving while making sure the paper does not get stale.

· We resolve to continue being as accurate and fair as possible. While we're pretty happy with the Weekly's level of reporting, we can always do better. We'll do everything we can to make sure the information appearing in the paper each week is as accurate and as fair as possible, while remaining edgy, controversial and certainly not objective. We want to keep our readers on their toes.

As always, you're welcome to chime in with your two cents on how you think we're doing.

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