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One of the byproducts of the Best of Tucson® and TAMMIES ballots is that they give people an excuse to tell us what they think of the newspaper. The people I am talking about have something genuine to say, but probably would not have sent a letter without the ballots.

I'll share one this week. I won't say the name of the writer, since the letter hasn't gone through our regular confirmation process.

This letter came hand-written, in cursive, horizontally on an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of white paper, in blue pen. "We would love the Weekly to cancel all porno and showclub advertising--it is abusive and criminal," it reads. "... We would also like a regular spirituality/religion and new age column. Also a regular political activism column. We know you guys are doing the best you can. And this is a time of miracles, if you want to go there. The money will be there. I don't read the Weekly much--it's not a very healthy thing to expose myself to. ... Just filling out this ballot because we really like the people at Coffee X-change Grant/Campbell. God bless all."

While I have nothing to do with advertising, thank goodness, I support us running adult ads. They aren't criminal, as far as I know; these are legal businesses. We do all we can to put the adult ads in the same, easily avoidable place every week. And alternative newsweeklies owe a lot as a genre to adult ads--these ads have financed some amazing journalism over the years, especially before more "mainstream" advertisers started moving in to the papers.

I feel the same way about Fox News as this guy feels about the Weekly--it's not a very healthy thing to expose myself to.

Just my two cents--and a reader's two cents, to get the mind moving a little.

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