War Issues

Last Thursday, as the war with Iraq intensified, we made the decision to scrap this week's planned cover story in favor of war coverage.

We tried to answer this question the best we could: How would war affect Tucson? We hope that the resulting series of stories and photographs is thought-provoking and interesting.

As we put this package together, it dawned on me how truly contentious things are in this country right now between those who support the war and those who do not. It's ugly; I've seen this personally. Because I have expressed skepticism about the war, I have been called names and received letters calling my patriotism, my manhood, etc. into question. I've even been accused of not supporting our troops and our country.

That couldn't be more incorrect. While I have my doubts about this war-doubts that would be erased if my government would show me any evidence that Iraq is a direct threat to this country, something that my government refuses to do-I fully support our brave military men and women whose lives are on the line. I hope they do what they've set out to do as quickly as possible, and that many of them as possible make it home alive and well.

Folks, this name-calling and conclusion-jumping has to stop. Protests, counter-protests and healthy debate are wonderful. That's freedom. But saying someone is a communist or is letting down our troops by disagreeing with the Bush administration-that's utter bullshit. And on the flip side, saying someone is a murderer because they support the war is wrong, too.

There's already enough hostility in the world, isn't there?


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